South Sudan

Gatdet Camp: Machar Rebel Movement Crumbling

Dr Riek Machar

President Yoweri Museveni is this morning expected in Buziga at the home of the deceased Internal Affairs Minister Gen Aronda Nyakairima.

Museveni, drug order who just concluded a working trip in Japan at the close of last week, viagra will be commiserating with the family members of General Aronda, who succumbed to a yet to be divulged ailment on board Flight Emirates en route to Dubai.

“Today, President Museveni will visit the home of the late Gen. Aronda Nyakairima at 11am, to commiserate with the family,” State House communicated last evening.

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Gen Aronda was on Wednesday returning from a trip in South Korea, when he was found lying motionless by a flight attendant according to UPDF.

A team of four medical experts from Uganda will today commence the autopsy on the body of the General together with experts from UAE.

His body is expected back in the country mid this week.

Meanwhile, the Government Task Force set up by Prime Minister, Rt Hon Dr Ruhakana Rugunda and headed by Defense Minister, Hon Dr Crispus Kiyonga to handle issues relating to the demise is holding meetings to make arrangements for the return of the body for burial.

The Task force spokesperson Hon Mary Karoro Okurut yesterday expressed gratitude the people ‘who are continuing to commiserate, support and express solidarity with the family of Gen. Aronda Nyakairima and the Government during this most trying period.’

“Further details regarding repatriation of the body and burial arrangements will be communicated in due course,” she said

A highly placed source however, confided to us that the Funeral of General Aronda Nyakairima is planned for Saturday September 19.
Dr Riek Machar’s rebel movement, order SPLA-In-Opposition, is on the brink of total collapse following the departure of his top military commanders, it has emerged.

Gabriel Changson Chang, a senior member of South Sudan Armed Forces (SSAF), a splinter faction from SPLA-IO, told Chimpreports on Monday that Machar’s bases have been taken over by government forces in recent military assaults.

“Of late Dr. Riek’s home land of Bentiu in Unity state has been overran by the government in Juba,” said Chang.

He further pointed out that Machar has no base to run to in the light of the simmering opposition against him by the Gajiok and Gajaak Nuer.

“Dr. Riek Machar has no standing army in his home land of Adok to face the Bul Nuer who have sworn to fight him up to the last man.”

The latest developments come high on the heels of military confrontations between Machar’s rebels and SPLA troops.

SPLA has reportedly been using heavy weaponry including war jets to pound the rebels’ bases in Upper Nile.

SPLA Chief of Staff Gen Paul Malong last week urged the international community to monitor the violations of the cessation of hostilities agreement, which he said was being broken by rebels.

He also accused rebels of provocations, saying SPLA are only deploying in authorised areas for defensive purposes.

Chang revealed that after being rejected by all the sections of the Nuer, Dr. Riek Machar has turned to the Ethiopians hoping to find sympathy and solace.

“Dr. Riek Machar has no homeland and no army to fight his adventurous wars. He has been using the people of Central, Lou and Jikany to fight these selfish wars,” assured Chan who is also a top leader in the Federal Democratic Party (FDP), the political arm of SSAF.

SSAF is commanded by Gen Peter Gatdet, one of South Sudan’s most-feared and battle-hardened generals who commanded Machar’s military operations against SPLA after the eruption of the war in December 2013.

Gatdet has since vowed to fight Machar, accusing him of betrayal, tribalism and attempting to run SPLA-IO as a family enterprise.

Machar was also blamed for arbitrarily firing Gatdet and other top generals who fought decisive wars against SPLA in the first months of the conflict.

In an interview on Sept. 4, Machar denied having dismissed Generals Gatdet, Gathoth and Tangginye, saying he only relieved them from their positions.

How Machar fell out with his generals

Chang said when the Nuer elders heard that Dr Riek had dismissed the three above mentioned generals, they met him in Addis Ababa and urged him to reverse his decision so that the SPLM/A-IO can approach the then impending peace agreement united.

After a ten-hour meeting, revealed Chang, Dr Machar resisted the idea of reversing his decision and formed two committees to talk to the three generals.

Hon. Gabriel Yoal Dok and Hon. Michael Mario were to go to Khartoum to talk to generals Gatdet and Tangginye.

Mr. Gabriel Changson and Hon. Timothy Tot Chol were to remain in Addis Ababa to talk to generals Gathoth and Chuol Gaka.

Chang said while these people were busy talking to the generals to accept reconciliation with Dr Machar, “he was at the same time spreading malicious rumors in Pagak and Addis Ababa that the above generals were bribed by the government in Juba and were on their way to Juba.”

“He also spread the lie that he relieved the generals in order to protect them from being prosecuted by the ICC.  In the end attempts at reconciliation with the generals failed. We are surprised now that Dr. Riek Machar is asking the generals to return to SPLM/A-IO after having humiliated and said all sorts of lies about them.”

When the reconciliation failed the Nuer elders informed Dr. Riek Machar that they would stand with the generals and not with him.

Chang said frustrated and angered by the elder’s decision, Dr Machar went berserk and made his sham dismissals affecting Gabriel Changson and Hon. Timothy Tot and erroneously quoted the “Nasir Consultative Conference” of April 2014 which did not in fact give him any powers.

He said this was the beginning of the split and disintegration of SPLM/A-IO.

Chang said Dr Machar is aware that the Nuer is fast discovering him and his “divisive egoistic” politics.

“They have not forgotten his past political adventures to gain political power by force and which brought the Nuer into bloody confrontation with their neighbours. The Nuer have not forgotten how they fought against the SPLM/A on Dr. Machar’s manipulation and in the end the majority of them ended up being “unconfirmed” members of the SPLA.  While Dr. Riek Machar enjoyed the fruits of their labour as Vice President the Nuer became destitute in Juba with no respectable employment,” he observed.

“The formation of the Federal Democratic Party with its armed wing the South Sudan Armed Forces is a wakeup call for all the Nuer to organize politically and change course by abandoning Dr. Riek Machar who always uses them for his own selfish political ambitions and creating instability in the new nation.”


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