FULL LIST: Police Announces Fresh Transfers

President Yoweri Museveni and his now all-out nemesis and presidential contestant Hon Amama Mbabazi will be in Kabale district in the south western Kigezi sub region tomorrow June 21.

This is one of the areas that Mbabazi and Museveni have been battling for supremacy since word started coming out about the former’s intention to contest for President in the coming elections.

Mbabazi is expected as guest of honour at the commissioning of the new St Augustine Noozi Catholic Church, viagra sale where Bishop Callist Rubaramira will lead the service according to Kabale media.

Chimpreports was yet to establish whether or not Mbabazi has returned from the UK where he traveled mid this week after officially declaring his 2016 candidature on Monday.

However our sources there tell us that once he is unable to make it, he will be represented at the function by his wife Jacqueline.

President Museveni on the other hand is expected at a parallel function in Hon Wilfred Nuwagaba’s Ndorwa East constituency in the same district, where he among others will be commissioning a pineapple factory.

President Museveni, in his last 3 day visit to Kabale in January this year skipped this constituency.

Reports indicate that massive mobilization is ongoing in the area, with both camps seducing as many supporters as possible to come in large numbers to welcome their candidate.

A battle of words is unfolding between former Prime Minister-turned-Presidential aspirant Hon Amama Mbabazi, website like this and Minister in Charge of Presidency Hon Frank Tumwebaze, see who will stop at nothing in watering down the former’s shocking accusations against the government he served for about 30 years.

After publicizing his will to stand for President in next year’s elections on Monday, Mbabazi has come out and made several daunting statements about the NRM government, which he now holds as the major hindrance to Uganda’s transformation.

On Friday morning in an interview with the BCC News Day’s Alan Kasujja, Mr Mbabazi accused President Museveni of always assuming credit for all the NRM achievements and apportioning blame to his juniors for the failures.

He went to dismiss the President’s earlier statement that Mr Mbabazi was largely to blame for the government’s underachievement, noting that he [Mbabazi] was in fact incapacitated even as Prime Minister to cause any significant change.

Later in the evening while appearing on the BCC’s Focus on Africa, Minister Frank Tumwebaze told Audrey Brown that Mbabazi was not new to the system and that there was nothing much he would offer even when he became President.

Tumwebaze wondered why Mbabazi had not resigned if he felt he felt he had no sufficient authority to effect the desired reforms.

He went on to emphasize that the NRM supporters around the country still love President Museveni and that they want him to stand again in the coming elections.

Below his full interview:

His take on the latest Mbabazi claims that Uganda requires new leadership.

Is Amama Mbabazi from heaven? Is he new? He’s been part and parcel of the government architecture. He was a Prime Minister, he was the ruling party Secretary General, he served in various ministerial capacities and he had reasonable amount of influence to push policy, to reform it. The question is what is new that he has to offer now?

He said and you heard him that he can’t be blamed for the failures of the last 30 years that President Museveni has been in leadership.

Nobody is blaming him. It is him trying to insinuate that there are challenges he needs to fix now. For us we know the achievements that Uganda has registered. He actually also acknowledges them.

But he says that it is time now for the president to step aside, and that the NRM needs new leadership and he feels he is that person, do you agree with him?

I don’t agree. You see, for him to express himself to be a leader is ok. But the decision will be upon the NRM members to choose their best pick; because like I told you, he’s not new, he’s been here. Assessing his record is not a problem to us. We shall easily discern him, whether he can be the new Messiah as he want to claim, or whether really, he is for the consolidation he’s talking about.

We have much more consolidated our peace, our economic gains, unity; we are now setting to achieve a middle income status. Perhaps what we should hear from Hon Amama or any other aspirant is new ideas that will enable us move quickly…

I know that part of the party would want Mr Museveni to stand again. Do you think that all those people should be swept aside and somebody completely new should be chosen from within the NRM? Or is it time for another party altogether?

That’s the assertion he wants to create. It’s not my idea. He is trying to say the system is tired…

But don’t you agree? There’s lots of Ugandans that agree that the system is tired

Ugandans know how to express themselves Audrey Brown. They go to the polls and choose a leader of their choice. If that’s the assertion he wants to sell, then he must face the questions I have asked you. Do you want to tell us that the entire government system means only one person the president and others have no role to play? I heard him say for example, that he had no authority. If you had no authority why didn’t you resign? We have seen resignations world over; if you feel you are not making any impact or contributions in a government you are serving, why not resign? We know that he was actually sacked.

Will President Museveni be running again?

It is the party to decide whether he has interest or not. He will follow he party rules to the dot, but no question, the supporters of NRM want President Museveni to run.

And it seems that there might be other members within the NRM who might want other people, for instance Mr Mbabazi and also Gen Sejusa; can you tell us a little bit about why he was arrested, [on Friday].

He was not arrested; he was just advised to stop causing commotion. You live in London. Everybody doesn’t go to Oxford Street to cause what we locally call here kavuyo [confusion]. Central business districts should be allowed to trade without any disruption. If you are a public figure and you go to a high street, they told you he was on Kampala’s high street; you simply want to cause excitement the police will really do its work.

But apparently he went to the bank and people saw him and started following him, it’s not like he incited them to do anything.

Whatever the case, it depend s on his behavior, he can defend himself. Audrey Brown, he was not executed on site, he wasn’t shot. He was taken by the police and cautioned.

The Uganda Police Force has announced fresh transfers and appointments of gazetted officers. According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, ask Patrick Onyango, ed the transfers/ appointment are to take immediate effect. They include:

ACP Kugonza Franklin from mission to traffic and road safety as in-charge I.O.V

ASP Kyagulanyi Ishak from Katwe to Jinja road as divisional CLO.

ASP Teeteyo Sam regraded into CIID and transferred from Kabalagala to Katwe Crime Intelligence.

CP Chelimo Beata is hereby appointed the head of police compliance unit.

SSP Ambayo John gray is transferred from PTS Kabalye to the directorate of operations-police headquarters.

SP Emitu Ezekiel is transferred from Nalufenya base command to PTS Kabalye and appointed as deputy commandant of the school, abortion he will also handle the youth programme at the centre of excellence in community policing at the school.

ASP Nyesigire David Katunda to take on the Nalufenya base command pending appointment of substantive commandant.

ASP Wathum Benson’s transfer to CIID Hqtrs is hereby cancelled. He instead moves to police compliance unit.


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