Fufa Set to Revive Inter-Region, Junior Secondary Schools Tournaments

FUFA president Magogo (second from right) speaking to thd press today morning at FUFA house in Mengo

Back in the day, the regional league was a vibrant and a competitive tournament that gave birth to various players.

The tournament was an annual event that was played across all footballing regions gave a platform to players who had not yet got the chance to play in the top tier leagues.

Running for a span of just six years, the tournament that had gained prominence died a natural death in 2013.

However, the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has revealed the plans to revive the competition.

Among his plans and targets in his new term, Fufa President, Eng. Moses Magogo points out in bringing back the inter-region tournament.

“We harbor plans to revive the inter province/region challenge a tournament that I think will help in tapping into more talent,” he said while speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday.

Besides the inter region tournament, Fufa has also set strategies to revive the S.1 and S.2 tournament.

This was a tournament that was played among players/students that had just joined Secondary school education (Senior one and two).

Magogo believes that in a state where they are no academies in Uganda, the tournament just like the Fufa U17 would be able to help in nurturing talents at a tender age.

The other competitions that are set to start include the U15 Primary school competition, junior elite league (for young girls) and also empowering the lower divisions of the football pyramid that includes the 4th and 5th division.


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