Fufa-NCS Standoff: Fifa Lawyers to Arrive on Monday


World body Fifa has dispatched two officials to help mediate and solve the long standoff between Fufa and the national council of sports over registration under the new sports regulations act.

The two are Mr. Luca Nicola an official at the Zurich body and legal counsel Mr. Rolf Tanner.

They’re expected to land in the country on Monday morning, viagra 60mg a day before the planned meeting with the Ministry of Education and Sports officials.

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“It is a follow up meeting of the issue that has not been received well in certain circles but all will be solved, ” Fufa communications director Mr. Ahmed Hussein said.

“FUFA has fulfilled all requirements under the new guidelines from NCS by submitting the necessary documents.”


The Ministry of Education and Sports issued guidelines in April 2014 on registration of all National Sports Associations under Stattory Instrument No.38.

The regulations require the federation to register under trusteeship incorporation through the ministry of lands which Fufa and Fifa view as government interference. The act also bars the associations from registering as limited liability companies.

“FUFA has highlighted to NCS that registration for the local soccer governing body under the Trusteeship Act contravenes with the FIFA statutes. The laws of the country and FIFA Statutes will guide the meeting on understanding the current situation before FUFA completes registration,” Ahmed added.


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