Fuel Companies Set to Raise Pump Prices

Vivo Energy Managing Director Mr Hans Paulsen  says fuel Prices will be going up again.

National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairman Mbarara District, clinic Mr. Jomo Mugabe yesterday held a party meeting at Kakoba Division to resolve issues in party registration all over the country.

The party members complained that there are few cards in the designated registration areas in the District as other registrars are issuing NRM party cards to the opposition members.

Some of the members said that they are not happy with leaders who are selective in providing transport to the party members.

Residents from Kisenyi cell in Mbarara urged the party chairman to extend the deadline, symptoms that is, ambulance the seven day’s time as the Secretary General said to allow the registration.

He argued that most of the people are not yet registered yet the exercise is about to end.

Jomo further said the registrars will not be allowed to stand for any post for the protection of their party in the coming elections.

He said students in different institutions will be registered and requested the top leaders to guarantee a holiday to secondary schools for students to be registered as well.

He urged party members to use the resources to build the party instead of participating in fights among themselves in the party.

Jomo urged Ugandans abroad who are interested in participating in the forthcoming party elections to come and have their names registered.

“Our party can only issue a yellow card to a member in person but not anyone else; it is your physical appearance that allows you to receive a card,” Jomo emphasised.

He stressed that with anyone involved in double registration will not be allowed to vote or even to contest for any post as a way of fighting vote rigging.

“We need transparency in the 2016 elections,” he added.

On June 10, NRM announced that the membership registration exercise had come to an end in North, Central and Kampala Regions.

Registration, however, continues in the Western and Eastern Regions
The public has been warned to watch out for higher pump prices following the increase in excise duty on fuel.

The excise duty on Petrol and diesel was in the recently read budget increased by shs 50 and this is expected to raise shs 62billion to support infrastructure investment.

Vivo Energy Managing Director Mr Hans Paulsen says as a result, pharm the price of fuel is expected to rise accordingly.

He further predicts that transport and food prices are likely to shoot up with the high fuel prices.

Mr Alan Emron, the Total Retail Manager told Chimpreports on Saturday that other factors including the raising prices of the US Dollar are likely to exacerbate the pump prices.

“You realize we import most of our products in US Dollars, so when its prices keeps going up, we are left with no choice. The fuel prices over the past days have been going up already,” he said.

Meanwhile, Vivo’s Paulsen expressed disappointment that there was nothing said in the budget about cooking gas. He was advocating for a tax exemption on Liquefied Petroleum Gas in order to increase the usage of cooking gas in Uganda.

Currently in Uganda usage of cooking gas remains low at 15% compared to western African countries with 50% due to tax exemptions.

He however expressed gratitude that works and transport got a good share of the budget but noted that execution of the projects should be key since many roads have appeared in previous budgets but remained undone.


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