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FUBA Awards Gala Set for Saturday

At the peak of his infinite confinement, side effects FDC’s presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye this morning let out an outburst that sparked a livid debate on the internet.

Besigye posted on his Facebook page that conditions he was held in were pushing him to become a terrorist.

“Tonight, information pills I feel like becoming a real “terrorist”!” he said. “This is the effect of endless acts of impunity on the part of the Uganda Police. When the people assigned the responsibility of maintaining law and order become deliberate and arrogant law breakers, where does one turn to?”

The post has since drawn largely sympathetic comments and outrage on the side of his captors, from his local and cross border supporters.

Besigye has been kept under house arrest (which police denies) during the nights and in police cells during the day, as a way of keeping him away from the city center, where they believe he wants to start an uprising.

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale said yesterday that his force was not in a hurry to free up the opposition strongman, since his comments of defiance still stand.

On Thursday, Col Besigye was visited by one of his fellow contenders in the February 18th presidential elections Maj Gen (rtd) Benon Biraro, with whom they talked about how the country could be put back on rails.

Besigye said he was also expecting a visit from some Human Rights defenders, including Ms Maria Burnett of the Human Rights Watch.

“These visitors had come to see me the previous day but were blocked by the police at the barricade they erected on the driveway to our home. In spite of sending my aide to plead with the police (since I couldn’t be allowed to get there myself), they were turned away after waiting for more than 2hrs. They were, instead, asked to come back today at 9am,” he said.

“The Human Rights defenders, who arrived at the police blockade at 8.45am, eventually left about 10am without seeing me. After the usual lengthy “consultations”, that involve talking to the top police commanders, my visitors were told that they won’t be allowed to see me!”

At 11am when, as always, he tried to leave his house, police bundled him in a waiting van and was taken away to Kira Division police Headquarters where he stayed until he was given a bond and released at about 9pm.

Besigye says he has been pleading with police to take him to a proper (gazatted) detention place or let him free.

“My sore throat was worsened by the pepper spray I found in the van. I informed my captors about this and that I would do well to consult my physician. All this fell on deaf ears,” he says.
“This is the dilemma of leaving in a country governed by a rogue regime. This is the very reason I wake up early everyday to do something about it. I am confident that, by the Grace of God, we shall overcome.”
The Federation of Uganda Basketball Association is set to award the best performers for the 2015 season at a function to take place on Saturday 27 at evening at Imperial Royale hotel.

The federation suffered a setback last week after failing to hold an  failed to organise the annual
general meeting due to lack of quorum. Only 25 members turned out falling short of the 50% (32) required to raise quorum. The meeting has been rescheduled for next month (March).

The Awards
The five champions for the different divisions in male and female categories will also be feted. City Oilers picked their third consecutive win after defeating UCU 4-3 in the best of seven series in December. The UCU Lady Canons won the women’s division. Other champions to be crowned include JKL Lady Dolphins (Women Div 1), more about UPDF Tomagawks (Div 1 men) and JKL Dolphins (D-League men).

The awards have fourteen other categories some of which include MVP for playoffs, most improved/Disciplined team, coach and manager of the year, FUBA 2015 Best five player are also to be named in the occasion.

The gala is strictly for invited guests.



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