Frustration as Parliament Cuts Local Gov’t Committee Budget

Local Gov't Committee Chairperson, Reagan Okumu

Members sitting on the Local Government Accounts Committee are stuck with business after Parliament took a decision to slash their budget by Sh300Million.

The Committee’s budget for the Financial Year 2016/2017 was at Sh600M but legislators were shocked to learn that despite having a lot of audit queries to handle, remedy their budget was cut without their knowledge.

The Committee Chairperson, Hon Reagan Okumu told the media at Parliament on Tuesday that the budget cut will greatly affect their work, especially the field visits to different districts in the country to monitor the work of local government authorities.

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Okumu noted that the committee will be constrained from performing their duties despite their exhibited abilities to deliver.

“The focus of the matter is how we complete the audit query that is before us on schedule to deliver before 30th of June. If parliament gives us money in the remaining 6 months, we can still deliver given our experience in the last term,” Okumu said.

He added that among the activities of the committee which are to be affected are; trips abroad for bench marking and field trips to all 116 districts to handle the Auditor General’s report ending December 2015.

The committee was to visit 14 municipalities under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) project, which is funded by the World Bank.

Okumu says the committee requires fuel and refreshments during their travels but this will not be possible.


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