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Fr Batanyenda: Kayihura Sent Spies to Trail Me

Kitanga Parish priest Fr Gaetano Batanyenda

Reverend Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda, information pills site the controversial Kitanga Parish Priest in Kabale Diocese, viagra approved has said his life is in danger as several unidentified plain-clothed state operatives continue trailing him.

He said the operatives spying on him were reportedly sent by the Inspector General of Police, General Edward Kale Kayihura.

“I am worried that something might happen to me,” the outspoken government critic told ChimpReports in Kabale on Thursday morning.

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“Gen Kayihura sent people to follow me wherever I go. State agents are disturbing me because of appearing on several Radio stations to defend former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi’s constitutional right to stand against president Museveni,” he added.

Kigezi Regional Police Spokesman Elly Maate described Batanyenda’s accusations are “baseless”.

Maate told this website that “no police agent has been deployed to trail the priest.”

He advised Batanyenda to report his concerns to the Police Professional Standards Unit in Bukoto, Kampala.

Batanyenda was among the presidential nominees in the 1994 Constituency Assembly only to turn into President Museveni’s harshest critic in South Western Uganda.

The priest said only voters can stop Mbabazi from achieving his dream of becoming the president of Uganda through a free and fair election.

He added: “It is possible Kayihura men want to put me in coolers or safe house or do harm to my life. I will not yield to intimidation. No one will deter me from being the voice of the people. God is my protector,” said Fr. Batanyenda.

Asked why he did not report the matter to concerned authorities for a deeper investigation, Fr Batanyenda responded: “how can I report to police that police are trailing me? Kayihura’s people who are trailing me cannot give me protection or any assistance at the same time but am giving my life to God.”

Mbabazi recently announced his presidential bid.

He has since been quietly mobilising for support from the grassroots.

Batanyenda previously fought Mbabazi’s family particularly Hope Mwesigye who in 2011 lost the Kabale MP seat.

This was after Mwesigye told off Batanyenda to get a woman to make him busy.

The duo would later reconcile at a church function.


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