Pentecostal University Dons Strike Over Salary Arrears

The DPC at a meeting with the striking Lecturers

The Rwandan government has reacted angrily at the arrest of intelligence chief, this web General Karenzi Karake, drug describing London’s decision to detain the high ranking army officer as “lunacy.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo said, “Western solidarity in demeaning Africans is unacceptable”

She added on her Twitter handle: “It is an outrage to arrest a Rwandan official based on pro-genocidaires’ lunacy.”

Karake, the Director General of National Intelligence and Security Services – a specialised spy body that brings together civilian and military surveillance units, was put into custody on Saturday after arriving at Heathrow Airport.

He had spent a week in London and was due to return back home in Kigali.

There are reports that London police executed the arrest in line with a European arrest warrant following the Spanish Court’s indictment of 40 former or serving RPF military commanders on charges of crimes against humanity.

It is alleged Karake committed the offences in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo during his reign as military intelligence director in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide.

Rwanda has previously rubbished the charges as preposterous.

ChimpReports understands senior Rwanda government officials were Tuesday holed up in a meeting on how to resolve the crisis that could strain relations between London and Kigali.

Relations between Rwanda and Britain faced a huge blow during the M23 rebellion.

London was compelled to temporarily suspend aid to Kigali over Rwanda’s alleged ties with the Congolese rebels.

The dispute was later resolved amicably with UK reopening the aid taps.

A few years later, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) aired a controversial film which Kigali described as revisionist and aimed at opening fresh wounds of genocide victims.

The documentary, Rwanda observed, sought to change the narrative of the genocide by claiming that less than 500,000 Tutsi were killed in the 1994 mass slaughter.

The United Nations recognises that over one million people mainly Tutsi were killed in the genocide.

Rwandans held protests across the world to condemn the film, leading to the banning of BCC Kinyarwanda channel in the country.

The timing of Karake’s arrest is crucial in determining Britain’s interest considering that he has previously travelled to the same country several times without any inhibition.

About a fortnight ago, President Paul Kagame graced the premiere of the genocide documentary on rape, titled, “The Uncondemned.”

It sheds a spotlight on the emotional and physical struggles of women raped during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Kagame would later hail the courage and resilience of the women who were able to testify and seek justice despite the pain they endured narrating their plight during the Genocide.

The film was seen as a counter measure against the BCC’s genocide denial film.

The Acting Director General in charge of Multilateral Affairs at Rwanda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation , Olivier Nduhungirehe said Tuesday that the “Spanish indictment failed to meet Interpol threshold and its legitimacy was seriously questioned by Spanish Justice.”

The former Rwandan diplomat to United Nations, added: “I believe this is the beginning of the end for the Spanish indictment against the whole RDF leadership. Because people will now read it.”

Karake appears at Westminster’s Magistrates Court on Thursday.
Police in Mpigi has arrested a guard who was working on a night shift at a supermarket that was robbed in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Approximately 25million Ugshs was taken from a supermarket belonging to Hajji Lubega Kadunabi, store a prominent businessman in Mpigi town.

Apparently, buy more about the attackers drugged the guard before breaking into the supermarket’s safe and proceeding to take away the sales for the day.

An eyewitness says two of the robbers were armed and one of them stayed by a white saloon car whereas the three proceeded to break in after tying and locking up the guard in a room adjacent to the supermarket.

“We have arrested the guard, information pills and taken him for questioning.However Preliminary investigations show that at the time of the robbery, the guard had blacked out,” said Phillip Mukasa the police spokesperson Equator region.

Mukasa declined to reveal the identity of the guard who he said wasn’t attached to any security group. Pliers, gloves and a dark jacket were recovered at the scene of the crime
Lecturers at Uganda Pentecostal University (UPU) Kahunga in Fort Portal last Friday went on strike and withheld students’ end of Semester examinations unless the school administration paid their salaries.

The striking  lecturers who claim several months has passed without being paid revealed to Chimp Corps that they shall keep withholding examination papers till all their pending payments are cleared to zero balance.

The lecturers’ protests prompted the administration to print out their own exams which the students rejected.

On Monday, page  the students who had paid their tuition also joined their lecturers in protesting the poor administration at the campus.

“We started from Mucwa branch and matched to Kahunga Bunyonyi demanding the school administration to give us proper exams because we paid tuition,” the students of Development studies lamented.

The strike prompted the District Police Commander Kabarole, Geoffrey Kaheebwa and Rwenzori diocese Bishop Rt.Rev.Reuben Kisembo to rush to the University where they convened an emergency meeting with the Student Guild leaders, lecturers and administrators.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Ntambirweki shunned the meeting.

Bishop Reuben, the University's Chancellor addressing the protesting students

Bishop Kisembo, [Black suit] addressing the protesting students

In the meeting, the angry lecturers did not hide their frustrations.

It was then resolved that the lecturers call off their strike and students begin exams on today Tuesday as management addresses the issue of salary arrears.

However, some lecturers who preferred anonymity, revealed that the resolutions of the meeting would not yield any fruit since Prof. Ntambirweki was absent.


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