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Former SPLA Chief Welcomes Plans to Revive Peace Agreement

The 2015 crumbled truce to end hostilities in South Sudan is being revived
The 2015 crumbled truce to end hostilities in South Sudan is being revived

The former South Sudan’s SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff for Political Orientation, Lt. Gen. Bapiny Manytuil Wichjang has welcomed the recent plans to revive the peace deal signed in August 2015.

The regional body IGAD which mediated the crumpling agreement last week announced plans to revitalize it and has already started meeting different stakeholders.

Gen. Bapiny who resigned from government in October 2016, is among the military and political figures so far consulted by IGAD in the fresh attempts to bring worrying factions to the table of dialogue.

According to Bapiny, the 2015 peace accord has collapsed and new plans need to be put in place to stabilize the oil rich fragile nation.

“First and foremost I would like to seize this opportunity to bring to the attention of IGAD in particular and our South Sudanese in general that I welcome the revitalization schedule for consultation forum, since  it has opportunity for our people to revise the already collapsed agreement for the Resolution of conflict in South Sudan,” he said in a brief text released on Monday evening.

Gen. Barpiny appealed to forces fighting against the government to unite to be able to defeat what he described as “tyranny” in Juba.

“Therefore it has been overdue for our people to search for good peace but not bad peace and I call upon all opposition forces to join their ranks and files under one umbrella so that they can be able to fight tyranny in Juba.”

Since his resignation last year, Gen. Barpiny has not openly joined the opposition.

The government of President Slava Kiir is confident that the peace agreement implementation has been going on well but the rebels loyal to Dr. Riek Machar don’t agree with the position and want everything to start afresh.



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