Former Rebel Commander Kwoyelo Case Flops

The Pre-trial hearing in the case where former LRA Commander Thomas Kwoyelo faces 93 charges, viagra order did not take place as planned today after defense lawyers informed court that they were not ready to proceed with the session.

The former rebel is indicted with counts including murder, prostate rape, viagra defilement, destruction of crops and property, recruitment of child soldiers and other crimes against humanity which were
allegedly committed during the 20 years of political insurgency in Northern Uganda.

Counsel Dalton Oponya on behalf of three other defense lawyers asked court to grant them a short adjournment to allow them study the indictment which they were served this morning by the State Prosecution.

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Counsel Caleb Alaka interpreting for Kwoyelo some of the documents before court session today

Counsel Caleb Alaka interpreting for Kwoyelo some of the documents before court session today

“It’s under the rules of justice for the accused person to read and understand the indictment before coming to court. The papers served to us are in English yet our client doesn’t understand it well.
We pray that court orders the prosecution to always serve us with translated documents in order to save court’s time,” stated the lawyer.

Meanwhile, Counsel Oponya asked the judge to issue an order to the prisons officers to allow specialized physicians to examine the defendant who is complaining of headache and body pain.

Kwoyelo says while he was still in the war he was shot in the chest and also has ulcers”

The judge adjourned the pre-trial hearing to tomorrow Wednesday, assuring the defense that translated documents will be availed to them if the registry receives funds required.

In tomorrow’s session, Justice Okalany will formally read the charges to Kwoyelo and listen to prosecution’s intended evidence before she makes a ruling on whether it’s sufficient to sustain the charges.
If so, Justice Okalany  will  forward Kwoyelo’s case file to a panel of 3 International Crimes Division  justices  for  a full hearing .


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