Former NFA Boss Akankwasa Floors IGG in Court

The Anti-corruption court has cleared the former National Forest Authority Executive Director Damien Akankwasa, information pills of charges of illicit enrichment.

Chief magistrate Agnes Alum acquitted  Akankwasa on grounds that he had provided sufficient evidence to court of quite higher allowances than his salary that he earned, find but which were not passing through his usual bank accounts.

The IGG was accusing Akankwasa that  in 2010 his income was much more than what his official earnings at NFA, and that he was in possession of a Guest House in Naguru, Kampala valued at 580 million shillings.

The IGG said that this income got from the Guest House was disproportionate to his known assets.

But the magistrate has overruled the IGG on this matter on grounds that the construction of this  guest house started in 2004 and not in 2009 as alleged, Akankwasa having been in employment since 1987 and rose through promotions till 2007 when he became NFA executive director.

That during his employment with Uganda Wildlife Authority and NFA, he too had side projects he was working on that didn’t go in the normal banking channels, on top of farming and rental businesses, from which he acquired all his wealth.

It was this legitimate origin of his wealth that proved to the court, that Akankwasa didn’t corruptly obtain it.

However efforts to get a comment from a Jolly Akankwasa didn’t yield any fruit since after the judgment he hurriedly walked out of the court room alongside his friends and relatives

Akankwasa’s troubles started in 2009 when he accused his wife, Juliet Katusiime of stealing  900million shillings from their marital  home located at  Naguru, Kampala district

In January/2015 the Anticorruption court convicted and sentenced Damien Akankwasa to 2years in prison  for abuse of office, after finding him guilty of selling 10,000 eucalyptus poles from Mwenge Forest Reserve,  at half a price of 10,000shs each, instead of 20,000shs, despite protests from the director of plantations.

Earlier on in 2012 Kampala City Hall Court had convicted and sentenced his wife Julliet Katusiime to 3 years imprisonment for stealing the 900 million shillings from her matrimonial home.

It now remains to be seen whether he will win the appeal against his earlier conviction.


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