Former Employee Pins Desh Kananura in Murder Case

Hearing of the case where city socialite and rally driver Desh Kananura and four others are accused of murder resumed yesterday at the Kampala High Court.

The first prosecution witness Emmanuel Taleka, stuff a former employee of Panamera Bar who claimed to have been at the scene of crime, took to the stand and pinned his former boss and the co-accused for causing the death of Badru Katerega, his fellow worker at Panamera Bar.

Prosecution alleges that Desh  Kananura, his brother Raymond Kananura, Samuel Nzoreba, Jacob Onyango and Syrus Maganda in September 2012 while at Panamera Bar Naguru  Kampala suburbs, tortured and murdered bar attendant Abdul Kateregga.

“On the fateful day, I was at the bar where I was a service associate.  A former employee of Panamera Simon Peter Akora came in and started interacting with the late Badru Katerega who was a bar attendant by then,” he narrated.

On realizing the conversation between Kateregga and Akora who had left Panamera some time back, according to the witness, Desh Kananura called the bar manager and he asked him what the former employee was doing at his bar.

“Akora immediately left, which prompted Kananura to order security guards and his brother to grab Kateregga and started questioning him on what he was discussing with the former employee.”

“The guards grabbed Kateregga and took him behind the bar where Desh slapped him after finding a 10,000 shillings note in his pocket after which they undressed him and started beating him until he passed out.

“One of the guards by the names of Onyango was beating him using a baton” Taleka revealed.

He said all this happened when he was watching from one of the windows.

He said there were possible suspicions that that Kateregga had also stolen some money from the bar, since before the beatings started he was heard defending himself that he had never stolen any coin from the bar as alleged.

The second Prosecution witness Dr. Silvester Onzivuwa, a Pathologist attached to Mulago Hospital  also told court  that Badru Kateregga, the man alleged to have been beaten to death by  his employer died as a result of assault.

Dr.Onzivuwa testified that on 30/September/2012, upon police request he examined the body of Badru Kateregga, and found that he had suffered extensive injuries of blunt force trauma, characterized by bruises and abrasions plus extensive bleeding into the muscles, to which he concluded that the deceased died as a result of severe beating.

The matter has now been adjourned to 30th/November for further hearing as the accused person’s bails were extended until then.


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