Forget Not Your Cultures – Government Urges Youths

Dancers display their culrures at the culture day

Government through the Ministry of Gender has appealed to youths and students to uphold their cultural values and backgrounds, ed and find ways of tapping them for social-economic and education transformation

Lucy Otto the Social And Development Officer at the Gender Ministry over the weekend expressed concern over the rates at which cultural values among the youths today are deteriorating.

She noted that youths nowadays have lost touch with their native languages, illness cultural practices and backgrounds.

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Otto was speaking on Saturday to the students during the Culture Day at Victoria University in Kampala.

In her remarks, cheap Otto noted that the National Resistance Movement Government is committed to creating an enabling environment for all cultures to thrive and also exploiting the potential that cultural industries provide in the country and beyond.

This, she said, was the reason the ministry is emphasising the importance of norms and values that are “non-negotiable aspects of human life.”

“The government of Uganda considers culture as important as other tenets of development; Indeed culture is clearly articulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda,” she said.

Otto also noted that unemployment among the youth can be reduced if they invest in culture and its domains; because the resources needed are cheap and readily available.

“I am glad Victoria University introduced this aspect of life into the students’ activities because culture is very important and should always be held high before anything” she said.


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