Foot and Mouth Disease: Minister Slaps 10 Year Quarantine on Isingiro

Minister Joy Kafura Kabasti speaking to press on Friday after meeting with farmers

The State Minister for Animal Industry has declared a 10year quarantine restricting the movement of cattle in Isingingiro district, erectile following the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) there. All livestock markets have been closed in the district.

Hon. Joy Kabatsi Kafura made the announcement on Friday while addressing the Mbarara district leaders, extension workers and great farmers in the district.

The minister stated clearly that Isingiro has received a ban of livestock movement for 10 years until foot and mouth disease is controlled in the district.

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The district shares a vast borderline with Tanzania, and according to the minister, the cattle keep crossing River Kagera and coming back with infections.

The minister said that vaccination activities have already commenced in the district to kick FMD out of Isingiro.

“I instructed the ministry people to vaccinate the whole of Isingiro,” she said.

Kabatsi further directed the veterinary officers, farmers and livestock traders to strictly avoid livestock coming from Isingiro district.

Speaking on the local farmers’ complaints about resistant ticks, Hon. Kabatsi urged extension workers to continue assisting the farmers as government looks into passing a policy on acaricides.

The state minister criticized government which liberalized everything in the country something she said has helped the sale of expired and sub-standardized chemicals for both crops and animals by shop dealers.


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