FMD: Minister Reinstates Quarantine in Isingiro

Isingiro RDC Herbert Muhangi speaking to journalists

Ministry of Agriculture has reinstated a cattle quarantine in the western Isingiro district that was months ago lifted on the orders of the Inspector General of Police Gen Edward Kale Kayihura.

The Agriculture Minister Vincent Sempijja Bamulangaki this week announced fresh closure of all livestock markets and a ban on animal transportation in the area.

In November last year, viagra sale the 10year ban due to Foot and Mouth Disease was lifted by Kayihura after residents led by their district chairman Jeremiah Kamurari threatened to attack police officers enforcing the quarantine.

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Minister Bamulangaki reinstated the ban after receiving numerous reports from other districts that cattle with suspected FMD were coming in from Isingiro.

The minister said the reports had come from Kiruhuura, see Rakai and Lyantonde. Following the reports, salve the minister says he visited Isingiro on Women’s Day before ordering a fresh one month ban.

Herbert Muhangi the RDC Isingiro says the ban will stand as farmers await vaccines from the ministry to avoid further spread.

The RDC advised farmers not to take their cattle in the markets but rather sell them from kraals as they wait for a team from the ministry to carry out samples to prove whether there is a re-outbreak of FMD in the district.


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