FJL: JMC Hippos to Form Under-15 Team

JMC Hippos junior team are fifth in the Hattrick group- Fufa Junior league

Jinja Municipal Hippos are set to expand further by starting an Under 15 boys team to add on the Under 17 and senior team.

The chairman of the Kakindu stadium based club, clinic Mr Faisal Muhammad revealed the plans.

“We have decided to start another junior team to capture talent below the fifteen year age bracket, ” Faisal said.

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“This will help us identify and follow up players from down and promoted them into our ranks.”

The long serving football administrator bankrolls a bigger portion of the clubs expenses and admits the expansion will cost more but reckons the need for more youth development structures to improve the game.

“It may look an expensive strategy but I am ready to spearhead because it’s a core route to football development. We must develop systems and structures that nurture talent and gradually promote them.”

He further added “We are likely to launch the project early next year around mid February and March. Plans to have an under 13 team are also in the plans for the bear future.”

Table standings
JMC Hippos senior team are currently lying in the bottom of the league table after twelve rounds of play.

The Under 17 team are fifth with nine points in the hattrick group in the Fufa junior league.


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