First EA Islamic Summit to Discuss Trade Finance

Henry Rotich, Kenya's Treasury Cabinet Secretary.

As Uganda today marks 53 years of independence from her British colonial masters, view Ugandans have been urged to put the country’s unpleasant post-independence history behind them and work toward moving their country to greater heights.

The call was made yesterday by one of the 2016 presidential elections candidate and former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

In his brief independence message to the country, Mbabazi noted that the founding fathers who fought for the liberation of the country from colonial rule would have wanted it to be far ahead of where it stands today.

He went on to quote the words of the Uganda Prime Minister Dr Milton Obote, who on October 9, 1962 proclaimed; “With the goodwill of all who wish to prosper, Uganda will go forward from strength to strength.”

Go Forward is the slogan that Hon Amama Mbabazi adopted when he broke off from the ruling NRM party to declare his candidature in next year’s elections.

The slogan, he said, is not merely a political phrase, but a powerful call in history made by a number of people including Milton Obote, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, the Missionary David Livingstone, and God himself unto the Israelites.

“It’s my hope that 50 years from now when we mark 103 years of independence, we will do what Milton Obote and others after him were not able to. Lets ensure that we are able to say that from 2016 onward, Uganda only went forward from strength to strength,” he added.

Kenya, prostate will on December 14, drugs 2015 host the first East Africa Islamic Finance Summit (EIAFS 2015) at Nairobi’s Villa Rosa Kempinski.

The summit themed Unveiling opportunities, buy aims to initiate dialogue, build network between East Africa’s financial institutions, policy makers and the Islamic Finance institutions in the region and the Middle East.

According to East Africa Business Network – the Organizers of the Summit, experts in Islamic Finance will discuss the development of Islamic Finance in East Africa, explore infrastructure projects in the region and discuss alternative opportunities for project and trade finance for both public and private sector projects.

Key areas to be discussed also include Regulatory Framework, Regional Infrastructure Projects and Opportunities for financing and Sukuk Issuance amongst other topics.

AIFS 2015 comes at a time when Kenya and other EAC countries are contemplating a sukuk issuance to finance the ambitious infrastructure projects.

If Africa is to fully participate and compete in the global trade and investment markets, financing is critical, hence the decision to host this forum.

The summit that is supported regionally by Anjarwalla & Khanna and the Somali Economic Forum will also be a showcase of East Africa’s investment opportunities for the Gulf Wealth.


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