Firestorm as Amin’s Son Attacks Besigye

Dr Kiiza Besigye

Hussein Lumumba Amin, the son of departed Ugandan dictator Idi Amin has triggered a social media firestorm by describing Dr Kizza Besigye as a “pig.”

It all started with President Museveni campaigning for Gen. Taban Amin in the race for the Kabanda North Constituency parliamentary seat.

Dr Besigye responded with a Tweet, saying, “Mr M7 campaigns for Amin. George Orwell’s genius never dims!”

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The tweet angered Lumumba, who moved fast to launch a scathing attack on the opposition strongman.

Lumumba said his nephew Taban Amin junior and his father Taban Amin, both subscribe to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party under its Chairman Yoweri Museveni.

“That is why Mr. Museveni came to add his weight in the campaign. He does that for all NRM candidates,” he observed, adding, “Kizza Besigye who is the opposition leader, does the same for all FDC party candidates.”

Lumumba said Besigye “might not have a beauty mirror in his bathroom to check himself first before subtly demonizing others deliberately for political expediency.”

“That cannot be a sign of wisdom or political maturity. Because whatever he meant by his statement applies to him as well. If it is about the famous Animal farm pigs, then that makes Besigye another pig himself who has also failed to leave his FDC Animal farm to other non-pigs,” he added.

FDC diehards have since taken on Lumumba, reminding him of his father’s atrocities.

Others blasted what they described as his “childish” and “intolerant” views.

But Lumumba said the picture of Museveni canvassing support for Taban is historic.

Museveni with Amin

Museveni with Amin

“For those of you who know Museveni’s history fighting Amin, I bet you understand that it was not an easy journey to get to this day where he publicly campaigns for Amin’s grandson,” said Lumumba.

“Though some may see it as a decision taken out of political expediency on his part, the outdated old enmities that have caused so much bloodshed in this country need to be gotten out of the window in the most reconciliatory ways possible,” he added.

“That is the part that I advise Mr. Besigye to think about. Because at this point he is probably insulting himself and pushing his supporters towards the path of continuous conflict in a country that has obviously moved on from the past.”

Lumumba has in recent years tried to use social media platforms to whitewash his father’s crimes.

Idi Amin’s reign saw thousands of innocent people including politicians, businessmen, doctors and civilians killed in cold blood.


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