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PHOTOS: Cops Stranded as Fire Ravages Nsambya Barracks

Police Fire Brigade at the scene of today's fire at Nsambya Barracks on Friday morning (Photos: Kenneth Kazibwe/CimpReports)

Kampala lawyer Bob Kasango has accused his learned friend John Matovu of not being honest about their multi-billion business deal, viagra 40mg saying the latter’s widely-publicised assertions are nothing but lies.

Matovu told Parliament Accounts Committee this week that he approached Kasango who boasts big ‘connections’ to help him collect professional fees of 12 per cent (Shs3.42 billion) of the total figure of Shs28 billion granted by court as compensation for pensioners.

Matovu further claimed that Kasango would receive 1 per cent of the collected money with 2 per cent going to some unknown third parties.

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He further said Kasango, help whom he described as a “thief”, “broke“ and “slippery man”,  instead gave him Shs 1.3 billion and that he has since dragged the latter to the Commercial Court for a payment of Shs 12 billion.

“Kasango is a slippery man. I filed a summary suit in Commercial Court and as I speak, I have an arrest warrant for him which I obtained in October last year. I went to police but they have not helped me,” he was quoted by daily Monitor as saying.

“The bill of costs (Shs3.9b) was calculated under the table and I did not instruct Kasango to collect this money on my behalf. He created a different court order, which allowed him present and obtain two certificates of costs for two counsels. He forged documents to get this money from the government and he did all this behind my back,” he added.

Kasango Fires Back

In an exclusive interview with ChimpReports on Friday, Kasango expressed shock that “Matovu particularly accuses me of having forged the court order and goes on to state that I took on a role that was not for me.”

He added: “He claims I owe him Shs 12bn but in the same breath states that he knows only of an agreement of 12 percent of Shs 28.5bn, of which he ought to have retained only 9 percent. His contention begs the questions: What is 9 percent of Shs 28.5bn? Is it Shs 12bn??”

Kasango, who claims the negative publicity, has led to the suspension of his practicing certificates in United States, added: “And if he (Matovu) says the court order was forged, and it is basing on the said court order that the payment was procured, then why would he be pursuing me for a payment premised on a forged court document?”

He further observed that, “For an ‘honourable’ lawyer like him (Matovu), why would he not do the right thing, i.e., go to court, denounce me and pursue the payment with orders that are not the subject of contention?”

“He should now be pushing for me to refund the money to government so that he properly collects it.  That he has not done. Just like the rest involved in this matter, they have continued to avoid the question of the handwriting expert.”

Addressing PAC, Matovu said the court orders Kasango used to obtain the money from government were fake and that the only agreement he signed with the pensioners was talking about 12 per cent, not 30 per cent.

“I don’t know where Kasango got another agreement with my clients. He manipulated documents from court. He collected my money and ate it and collected government money and also ate it,” the lawyer added.

However, Kasango told this website that, “I have never claimed to have participated in this case at any stage before trial. I have made it clear that my participation started shortly before the judgment was read and I did not appear in court at any one time.”

Kasango challenged Matovu to “say what documents he passed on to me to pursue the claim. He should also say when and how he delivered them to me. Because the orders in issue were delivered around the same period and in the same manner as the rest of the documents.”

A businessman with interests in the media and real estate, Kasango further said the “Most surprising is the allegation by Matovu that he does not know of the 30 percent Agreement and that I cheated the Pensioners. This Agreement was signed between myself and the Pensioners in my office in the presence of Emmanuel Kakenga, Matovu’s brother.”

“The problem with all these accusations is that they are projected by the perpetrators and the press as though they were the truth and they hurt. Because their “truth” is projected as unassailable and sacrosanct. Mine is projected as a concoction of lies and unbelievable. An unbelieved truth can hurt a man much more than a lie. It takes great courage to back truth unacceptable to our times. There’s a punishment for it, and it’s usually crucifixion. And I am being crucified for the truth,” he concluded.
A delegation from Shandong Provincial Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources are in the country for a three days visit starting today.

The Shandong Provincial Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UCMP) to invest in different areas of Uganda’s mining sector through mineral geological exploration, viagra 40mg building a national central mining laboratory among others. The corporation is also looking to invest in exploration of gold, seek silver, copper, rare earths among others.

Uganda has over 200 million tones of Iron ore, nickel, copper, gold, silver and other rare earth elements which when thoroughly explored and produced will earn the country more revenue than it gets from Oil and Gas.

This agreement was arrived at  following the state visit of H. E Yoweri Museveni to the People’s Republic of China in April this year

Hosted by Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, during their visit, the delegation will meet with the Prime Minister, UCMP board members, visit the Namanve Industrial park as well as go for the Roofing’s plant cocktail with UCMP MEMBERS at Sheraton today.

UCMP members in the mining sector will also have an opportunity to hold business to business meetings with Shadong delegation on Saturday 27th June.

Shandong Mineral resources Corporation is a state owned Organisation in China whose revenue in 2014 was over $1 bn with presence in Namibia, DRC, Chile and Australia in the field of exploration and investments in mining.

This corporation through its subsidiaries has ten Labs with 60 years of experience, a mineral equipment manufacturing company, training centres as well as thousands of geologists. With 90% of minerals in China discovered by this corporation, Shandong mineral resources corporation has the third largest Gold reserve in the world with 6500 metric tons

Property worth millions of shillings was Friday morning destroyed when fire gutted a housing facility at Nsambya police barracks in Kampala.

According to eye witnesses, sildenafil the fire started at around 8am as most of the police officers had gone for work.

The fire, according to officials, was reportedly caused by sparks from an electric cooking stove.

A police woman feeds a baby after fire gutted her residence

A police woman feeds a baby after fire gutted her residence

“At around 8:00am we saw a lot of smoke billowing from one of the buildings as the children ran out of their respective rooms. We called the police fire brigade which quickly put out the fire,” said Mustapha Wakabi, one of the neighbours.

A woman stranded after her place of abode was destroyed by today's fire

A woman stranded after her place of abode was destroyed by today’s fire

Betty Auma, one of the residents who lost property in the fire, says she received a call from one of her neighbours that her place of abode had been razed to the ground by the strange morning fire.

“I received a call while at work and came running  but found nothing left in the room and its only the uniform I am wearing that survived the fire,” said a heartbroken Auma.

For another police officer who preferred anonymity, he has been left homeless with his 2 wives and 4 children by the fire.

“We have nowhere to begin from as all the property was burnt including the uniforms and police shoes. It’s high time the police bosses thought of better housing facilities for us as the ones available are in a sorry state,” one of the victims of the fire urged.

The cops' property was reduced to rubble

The cops’ property was reduced to rubble

In an interview with Chimpreports, the Police Fire Rescue Services boss Joseph Mugisa explained they are yet to establish the cause of the fire but noted that it’s highly anticipated that it was caused by sparks from electricity as some of the officers were cooking.

“We have not yet established what caused it but we suspect there was a lot of cooking that might have caused the fire. There was no life lost but a lot of property was destroyed. We are now on the ground trying to find out the cause of the fire,” Mugisa said.

Fire brigade officials fighting raging fire flames

Fire brigade officials fighting raging fire flames

However, one police officer who preferred anonymity blamed the incident on negligence by authorities whom he said have failed to provide necessary equipment like fire extinguishers to all the housing units which could be used in case of any accident.

“Imagine this whole place having one fire extinguisher which was not even functioning. It’s absurd that our bosses can’t organize better housing facilities to accommodate us but leave us in this sorry condition,” the police officer lamented.


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