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FIKA SALAMA: 10,000 Traffic Offenders Arrested; Drivers Warned Ahead of X-mas

Kagina addressing the press conference in Kampala on Wednesday

More than 10, try 000 traffic offenders have been arrested in the massive joint operation code named “FIKA SALAMA”, approved   officials said today Wednesday.

The operation aimed at restoring sanity on what the media described as the world’s ‘most dangerous road’ (Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara), was conceived by Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) and operationalised effective August 11, 2016.

The Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara road served as a pilot project.

“So far 10,468 offenders have so far been apprehended and either taken through the court processes or issued with Express Penalty Receipts,” said UNRA Executive Director, Allen Kagina.

This operation is aimed at enforcing driver discipline on the road and involves a joint team of UNRA Enforcement Unit, Ministry of Works and Transport and the Directorate of Traffic of the Uganda Police Force.

Daily reports of grisly scenes of car crashes along the highway nearly brought the nation to a standstill.

The public was hugely outraged that government was not doing enough to end the carnage that threatened lives on a daily basis.

Kagina said the initiative has been very successful because road accidents have tremendously reduced and that road user behavior has also generally changed.

“Motorists fear the consequences of the operation if arrested and they have changed their behavior,” said Kagina at a press conference in Kampala.

She said all the suspected offenders were in violation of the Traffic Laws and Regulations.

This operation has since been extended to other roads including Kampala-Mukono- Jinja-Busia road, Kampala- Kafu- Gulu road, Kampala- Mityana- Mubende road, Kampala-Hoima road among others.

Kagina promised to maintain the operation due to its successes.

“This will be in addition to the sensitizations and other road safety campaigns,” she added.

It was observed that DMCs, careless driving, driving without license and over speeding have been the major cause of road accidents.

Kagina said this is contrary to what was being alleged before that the road was slippery and that there were ‘ghosts’ on Masaka road which caused the accidents.

“As we approach a season of festivities, we appeal to the public to be responsible when using the road, be mindful of other road users, and obey traffic rules to ensure road safety,” she observed.

Details of the 10,468 cases are as follows;

Cases                                    Numbers                          Percentage     

DMCs                                          2,629                                  25.11

Careless Driving                        2,485                                 23.74

Driving Permits                         1,828                                 17.46

Over speeding                         643                                       6.14

Reflectors                                550                                        5.25

Insurance                                520                                        4.97

Dangerous Loading              479                                        4.58

Unauthorized Passengers     457                                      4.37

Breach of Operator’s Licence 292                                   2.79

Seat Belt                            192                                              1.83

Interfering with safe driving   190                                  1.82

Drunken Driving                    77                                        0.74

Defaced Number Plates          48                                     0.46

Pillion Riding                         29                                        0.28

Failing to stop      21                                                              0.20

Using a mobile phone    12                                                 0.11

Others                               16                                                0.15

TOTAL                             10,468                                 100.00


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