South Sudan

Fighting Resumes in Machar’s Former Headquarters

Dr Riek Machar

Serious Fighting broke out between the South Sudan rival army factions in Nasir, website Upper Nile State on Monday.

ChimpReports has learned that Nasir which was the first base of Dr. Riek Machar when he fled from the capital Juba in December 2013 experienced heavy shelling yesterday when the two forces met in Wec Yar Adiu.

According to sources in the area, click the advancing government forces hit the positions of the opposition fighters with heavy ground weaponry shells starting at around 10am.

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The opposition combatants returned back the fire to maintain their treasured point of defense.

“Clashes resumed here (Nassir) yesterday morning leaving many people in fear, discount ” a resident who asked not to be named said.

The Upper Nile was the most affected state together with Unity and Jonglei. Machar left Nassir in May 2014 when he moved to Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa for a direct IGAD sponsored peace talks with his rival President Salva Kiir.

The opposition fighters have however maintained presence in Nassir even after the peace agreement.
The agreement only allowed a limited number of opposition fighters to escort and guard Machar while the rest were to report to designated cantonment centers within the country to start integration process.

The integration process was delayed by the parallel interpretation of some clauses in the agreement by different sides.

The Joint Verification and Monitoring Committee that put in place by the treaty mediator IGAD to observe the implementation of the peace agreement is yet to start the process of putting together the two antagonistic forces.

War however broke out between the two forces early last month just months after the signing of the treaty and a common commitment to cease fire and run a joint government for three years.

The existence of the Transitional Government of National Unity is balancing as clashes continue.



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