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Fighting Enters South Sudan’s Strategic Oil Field

Machar's rebels have captured the strategic oil field town of Melut

Vivo Energy, more about information pills the company that distributes and markets Shell branded fuels and lubricants in Africa has rewarded drivers who have excelled in observing road safety rules.

Vivo Energy Uganda has a structured system for contractor-, generic driver-, fleet- and journey-management within its operations which have led to a significant reduction in serious road transport incidents in recent years.

At least 60 drivers under the Vivo Energy drivers’ league were rewarded at a dinner held at Protea Hotel Kampala for maintaining safety polices while on the road.

Speaking at the dinner, Vivo Energy Managing Director Mr Hans Paulsen applauded the drivers for observing the safety rules and not causing any accidents with in the past years and delivering fuel on time.

He noted that in December last year the drivers drove 1.4KM without any incident, such as accidents and traffic fines among others.

“The road safety rules put in places by Vivo Energy are first and foremost meant to protect you the drivers. Just imagine what will happen to your family if you perish in an accident after you failed to obey the road safety guidelines, who will educate your children?” Hans asked the drivers.

“At Vivo Energy we believe in recognizing excellence and the drivers have played an important role in the company’s growth by delivering fuel on time and with the right quality” Hans noted.

He further noted that Vivo Energy now deals with class A drivers, those that have passed medical test and have defensive driving skills.

“We are proud to be associated with these drivers whom we have been working closely with and trained to ensure they maintain the safety standards that we have laid down at Vivo Energy” Hans concluded.

Sempijja Dan from Fred Sebyala Transporters was declared the Overall best of the best driver. He has been driving Shell fuels for 15years, incident free.

Sempijja said that his achievement comes due to his management skills and customer service. “I follow the rules. I manage my journey well, I give myself some time to rest and I interact well with the customers” said Sempijja.

The drivers’ league was created between Vivo Energy and the transporters, in order to monitor compliance of the drivers as they do their job, to provide a structured recognition and reward system that leads to driver excellence and provides a long term and sustainable motivating program to nurture a proactive HSSE culture amongst drivers.

Points are awarded based on how the drivers participate in the Health, safety, security and Environment activities, customer care service, attitude at work and number of accidents.
The new wave of heavy fighting in South Sudan between the government SPLA forces and rebels of former Vice President, illness Dr. Riek Machar entered the strategic oil field town of Melut situated in the second biggest oil state of Upper Nile on Tuesday afternoon.

The rebel offensive forces attacked the SPLA in Melut and took over the town according to sources on the ground.

The Upper Nile oil field of Puloich is only about five kilometers from the Opposition forces’ taken town that has been jealously under the government control since rebels were flushed out from the area in mid 2014.

The rebel spokesman, troche James Gatdet Dak also released a brief statement on Tuesday evening saying their forces have captured Melut from the SPLA soldiers whom they have been battling since December 2013 when the conflict between the two started.

“Our gallant forces have taken Melut today  (Tuesday) aiming directly to the Puloich oil fields which is just five kilometers away. Fighting is ongoing now and we expect to squarely take over the oil fields today.” Part of a short statement from Mr. Gatdet says.

Oil corporation companies over the weekend reportedly evacuated their workers from the area while expecting the worst according to humanitarian agency sources in the town.

Meanwhile the only airport in the Upper Nile State is at Paluoich where Machar rebels are expected to take, which could be a big blow to the SPLA since the immediate supply route would be cut.

Sources from both sides say five helicopter gunships that were stationed in the area mysteriously lost all their keys on Sunday night to a government intelligence officer who has not been named yet.

The choppers have been significant air power against the Machar rebels who claim to be”immune” to infantry attacks. The disappearance of the keys incapacitated the SPLA defense against the rebels according to sources.


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