Fifa Sides with Government, Tells FUFA to Register

Hon. Bakabulindi chaired the meeting attended by government officials, Fufa and Fifa

The two year long impasse between domestic football body, buy more about FUFA and National Council of Sports over the former’s registration status has come to a conclusive end after Fifa intervention.

The Ministry of Education and Sports issued guidelines in 2014 on registration of all National Sports Associations (NSAs) under statutory instrument No. 38. The NSAs were required to register under Trustee Incorporation act through the ministry of Lands.

Fufa objected the developments, more about projecting possible government interference in the future contrary to Fifa statutes.

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On Tuesday, site Mr Luca Nicola (FIFA Manager Member Associations) engaged the two parties in a meeting chaired by Sports Minister Hon. Charles Bakabulindi at the ministry’s headquarters.

After the four-hour dialogue, it was agreed that FUFA should comply and submit the remaining documents for registration.

Fifa expressed satisfaction with government assurance that there will be no interference and also warned of dire consequences in case otherwise.

“FUFA will submit additional documents to those that were earlier delivered to the NCS on 29th August, 2014 and Government has also agreed to support FUFA in this cause,” Fufa stated in part.

“FUFA is confident that there will be uninterrupted and continued development of the game of football in Uganda.”

NCS further warned other federations that have not registered to take advantage of the deadline extension of Wednesday 10th August 2016.


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