FEATURE: Conmen Blackmail Ugandan Chief Executives

Conmen are being more creative ahead of the 2016 elections

As Austria and Germany begin receiving thousands of refugees and migrants who crossed the border last night from Hungary, try the United Nations refugee agency hailed the decision as “political leadership based on humanitarian values, viagra ” while also applauding Austrian and German civil society groups gearing up to assist people as they enter their countries.

In a statement the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) welcomed the decision of Austria and Germany to take in thousands of refugees that had been at the border of Hungary.

Praising the civil society groups and individuals of Austria and Germany who are mobilizing in large numbers to welcome and provide aid to people as they enter, sales UNHCR said that “all over Europe, [we are] witnessing a remarkable outpouring of public response, including from faith-based organizations, NGOs [non-governmental organizations] and individuals, in many cases driving governments to change policies and rhetoric.”

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However, the agency warns that the current concentration of refugees and migrants in a small number of countries willing to receive them is not a sustainable solution.

“There is clearly an urgent need to put in place an emergency plan to manage the refugee crisis,” says UNHCR, recalling the concrete proposals put forward yesterday by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, who said that dealing with the biggest influx of refugees into Europe for decades requires a “massive common effort” and break with the current fragmented approach, which he said has led Europe overall to fail to find an effective common response.

“A very preliminary estimate would indicate a potential need to increase relocation opportunities to as many as 200,000 places,” he recommended.

“This can only work if it goes hand in hand with adequate reception capacities, especially in Greece. Solidarity cannot be the responsibility of only a few EU member States. Europe is facing a moment of truth.”


Mr. Guterres’ call to action came just hours before UNHCR expressed sadness at the death of a 50-year-old man, on Friday, near a refugee reception centre in the Hungarian town of Bicske.

UNHCR staff on the ground were gathering exact details about the circumstance of the death.

However, initial reports suggested the man falling down and hitting his head against train tracks, while trying to run away from the police at the train station.

An ambulance was called which tried to provide medical assistance on the spot, but the man reportedly died after 50 minutes of the incident.

“This is a shocking incident,” said Montserrat Feixas Vihé, UNHCR’s regional representative for Central Europe in Budapest. “All our thoughts and sympathies are with his family.”

The incident apparently happened when refugees and migrants were brought from the Keleti train station in Budapest refused to move to a refugee reception centre.

After a long standoff over 200 of them started to get off and ran away from the police.

“This tragic death illustrates the desperation of those arriving in Europe in search of safety,” UNHCR’s Feixas Vihé added.

“We urge the Hungarian authorities to put in place immediate and adequate emergency reception, assistance and registration capacity, so that refugees disembarking in Europe are welcomed into a safe and caring environment.”

In 2009, viagra approved a 21-year-old Michael Mugarura was arrested for impersonating President Museveni to call top government officials to provide money to specific people.

Mugarura was so smart that for three years, his crimes were undetected.

He further imitated Gen Salim Saleh and called Rebecca Garang, the then South Sudan presidential advisor and widow of Col John Garang whom he asked for $100,000 to support a needy student.

He was apprehended but later released on bail.

Police later arrested a notorious city conman Humphrey Rugambanengwe in cases of uttering false documents and extortion.

As the country prepares for the 2016 elections, another form of extortion has cropped up with conmen targeting chief executives and political leaders.

Smart men including a top lawyer with access to information in government bodies usually obtain leaks which are widely exaggerated to intimidate government officials for money or risk being exposed on social media platforms and even the mainstream media.

ChimpReports understands that these leaks are usually aimed at discrediting officials in positions of responsibility before money is extracted from them.

Some of the casualties of whistleblower’s reports include NSSF MD Richard Byarugaba and UCC boss Godfrey Mutabazi.

A disgruntled official in the NSSF’s procurement department raised a series of allegations of corruption and fraud against Byarugaba which the Inspector of General Government Irene Mulyagonja later dismissed as untrue after an investigation.

This delayed the appointment of the fund’s MD, costing the taxpayer over Shs 500m.

A top city lawyer alleged to authorities tasked with investigating financial crimes that UCC had inflated the cost of the monitoring system.

It was later discovered that the procurement exercise was yet to begin.

It later emerged that the lawyer was being used to blackmail top UCC executives.

The oil bribery whistle-blower’s report tabled in Parliament a few years ago touched off a political firestorm with several ministers temporarily stepping aside.

The documents were found to be forged after a long investigation by Police boss, Gen Kale Kayihura.

According to Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, “what is important is for public officials to conduct themselves in a manner that does not raise suspicion.”

He further told ChimpReports on Sunday that “there are some crafty people who will put you in a position of blackmail or compromising situation. They will quickly turn around if their objective is not met.”

According to police records several top Ugandan chief executives have fallen victim to extortionists in Uganda.

Enanga says the public needs to be sensitised on how government operates in regard to transactions.

He expressed shock on allegations that Gen Kayihura shared billions of shillings from the national treasury meant for procurement of security gadgets.

“Really, nobody can be as amateurish to divide money estimated in billions in office. People need to know how government transacts its business.”


The Deputy Police spokesperson Polly Namaye calls for vigilance among top government officials and general public to avoid extortionists.

“The affected people should report such cases of fraud early enough for us to make a timely response.”

She also encourages research and verification of documents, saying, “Today even marriage certificates and HIV results can be forged.”

According to the police crime report for the year 2014, 9609 cases of economic crimes were reported compared to 12,180 cases in 2014 over the same period.

475 cases of forgeries and uttering of false documents were recorded in 2014- July 2015.

7,568 cases of obtaining money by false pretence were equally documented in the same period.

Police blamed the rise in these cases and others to the involvement of some security officers in criminal activities; insufficient investigations; limited knowledge and skills to handle cases; inadequate facilitation and limited manpower and Limited coordination among key stakeholders.


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