FDC’s Wambedde Retains Bugonkho Parliamentary Seat

MP Sizomu Gershom Wambedde

Three Court of Appeal judges on Monday held that FDC’s Sizomu Gershom Wambedde is the validly elected MP for Bungokho North Constituency in Mbale District.

The judges came to the conclusion after revisiting the academic papers of the MP, physician which were challenged by his rival and NRM’s Mashete Magomu in a lower court.

The judges upheld the decision of Mbale High Court and dismissed the appeal by NRM’s Mashete Magomu Peter with costs, physician saying it lacked merit.

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Mashete had accused MP Sizomu of contesting for a political position yet he was a Cultural Leader (Rabbi), buy more about that is,” King of the Jews.”

However Justices Steven Kavuma, Cheborion Barishaki and Paul Mugamba did not agree with Mashete since Rabbi means “Teacher “of Jewish Law which tittle the MP obtained after studies.


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