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FDC’s Sam Mugumya Faces ADF Trial in DRC

In October 2014, ailment FDC activist Sam Mugumya crossed into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where he was arrested on charges related to subversion.

The UPDF spokesperson Col Paddy Ankunda said then Mugumya had been found together with four other people in possession of big sums of dollars and documents linking them to a rebel group in eastern DRC with intentions of overthrowing the Ugandan government.

Mugumya was jailed at Ndolo Military Prison.

However, in a media interview, Mugumya dismissed the charge as false, saying he was fleeing to exile when he was intercepted by Congolese intelligence officials.

It has now emerged that Mugumya has been listed among 215 suspected members of ADF set for trial in North Kivu.

“Our colleague Mugumya Sam has unfortunately been listed among these people and him together with his colleagues who are now detained in Ndolo military prison in Kinshasa are being transferred any time soon to Beni where they will answer charges of massacring civilians, participating in an insurrection movement, Crimes against humanity and terrorism,” revealed Harold Kaija, a publicity official at the FDC headquarters.

“I appeal to you all peace loving Ugandans to include Mugumya Sam and his colleagues in your prayers,” he added in a brief statement on Thursday.

The rebel movement, whose leader Jamil Mukulu remains in a tightly-guarded jail in Jinja, has wreaked havoc in DRC for a long time.

The militia recently stormed Rwangoma Township using machetes, slaughtering people who were at their homes or gardens.

On Monday (August 22), ADF remnants killed four people in Kitevya.

The public trial which enters its fourth day on Friday has seen several ADF combatants answer charges of terrorism and murder.

A one Toyota Sempela admitted being a member of ADF, showing the tribunal head injuries sustained in an attack by government troops on July 30.

Another fighter identified as Kassim told the military court he was recruited to study Islamic teachings by a man who currently lives in Butembo.

The trial is expected to last several months.

FDC said “stakeholders are doing their best to ensure he (Mugumya) gets justice even under this weird court trial.”


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