PHOTOS: FDC’s Pastor Ngabo Arrested in Defiance Prayer Crackdown

Prominent Pastor Happy David Ngabo has Tuesday morning been arrested by heavily-armed Police personnel as the law enforcement body crushed a gathering of FDC supporters at their office in Najjanankumbi.

Ngabo hit the limelight a few months ago when he commenced leading popular ‘defiance prayers’ at the opposition party’s headquarters in the wake of the disputed presidential election.

Before his arrest, look http://couragelion.org/wp-admin/includes/media.php police boss Gen Kale Kayihura warned that, mind http://colegaac.org/wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/inc/theme-options.php “The right to worship is not entrenched in the Constitution as being absolute. It is like any other form of right.”

He added: “The FDC weekly prayers are a way of mobilising people to demonstrate and these were last week banned by court.”

Ngabo being arrested on Tuesday morning

Ngabo being arrested on Tuesday morning

The Constitutional Court last week put an injunction on various defiance activities including the prayers, a proclamation the party vowed to ignore.

But Kayihura today said, “Whoever goes against the order will be in contempt of court and will be criminally liable for their actions.”

At Najjanankumbi, police led by Deputy RPC Kampala South James Kaheebwa took Ngabo to Katwe Police Station for interrogation.

“We have just come to pray as usual but these are the actions that we have been praying against but we are ready and know that God will rescue us,” said Ngabo while being arrested.

Several other FDC supporters include Rehema Nabakooza, Sulaiman Katende, Ronald Muhereza, Junior Tugumisirize among others.


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