FDC’s Cecilia Ogwal Attacks Leader of Opposition

MP Cecilia Ogwal (C)l has joined in the call for resignation of the Dokolo district Chairman

Forum for Democratic Change strongwoman Cecilia Atim Ogwal and the Uganda People’s Congress party Whip, approved http://chirurgieginecologica.ro/wp-admin/includes/deprecated.php Santa Alum Ogwang have blasted the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, http://davelane.com.au/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/pipe.php Winnie Kizza for her remarks of “stolen” 1980 elections.

The Leader of Opposition on Wednesday at Parliament made an official response to the State of the Nation`s Address by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in June this year.

The response that was read by the Opposition Chief Whip, http://companyimpact.com/modules/mod_zt_headline/timthumb.php Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda mentioned that the 1980 election was stolen.

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According to Kizza, Uganda has now democratically degenerated to the 1980 period where there was no meaning for elections. She alluded that the 1980 election “rigging” instigated the five year guerilla
movement that toppled the President Apollo Milton Obote’s government.

“The stolen 1980 elections triggered a resistance war that consumed the lives of over 500,000 Ugandans and a ruined economy,” part of the response said.

Winnie Kiza added that the National Resistance Movement spirit has metamorphosed into the current opposition defiance campaign.

“This resistance has metamorphosed into a defiance campaign where citizens are rising up to defend the Constitution as commanded by Article 3 of the Constitution.”

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga deferred the debate on the matter to Thursday.

During the debate Cecilia Ogwal who is also Commissioner of Parliament appointed by the FDC party President Mugisha Muntu, demanded that her colleague Ms. Kizza be called to order for feeding Parliament with lies.

“In our (Parliament) rules of procedures no member is supposed to tell lies here. The Leader of Opposition should substantiate to this house how the 1980 election was stolen,” Cecilia Ogwal said.

The Leader of Opposition is however out of the country. She is in Chicago, United States for official duties with other Members of Parliament.

Meanwhile the UPC Whip told Parliament that the Common Wealth report on the 1980 election pointed out that it was free and fair and losers were urged to go to court.

“The statement that the 1980 election was stolen is unfortunate and the Leader of Opposition should have taken time and collected her facts,” Ms. Alum said.

“In 1980 the Common Wealth election observers released their independent report explicitly indicating that the poll met all the requirements. Those who lost were advised to go to court and we have witnessed in all presidential elections including the last one people have been contesting the results.”



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