FDC Attacks Gov’ts Nursery Section For Public Schools Policy

FDC Spokesperson John Kikonyogo

Embattled Kampala Lord Mayor has amidst speculation that he intends to stand for the highest position in the Democratic Party, information pills said that there is nothing wrong in harbouring such ambitions.

Addressing journalists at his home in Wakaliga on Monday, viagra 60mg Lukwago however distanced himself from the initiators of the talk but noted that he had no problem with the speculation which he said is health for the party.

“The debate is ongoing and has been on for some time but I have not in any forum discussed it or ignited it, find ”Lukwago said.

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“I hold no leadership position in DP but I am a life member who is concerned with what is going on in the party leadership.”

“The debate emerged spontaneously because this is a year of politics but it’s a healthy development I would like to encourage. It’s not illegal and harmful but good for the internal democracy of the party. In fact I can offer myself for the position; the decision rests with me.”

Lukwago said he had received numerous calls from party members, stakeholders and other opposition politicians urging him to offer himself for the position of Presidency in the DP but stressed he enjoyed watching from the side instead.

The embattled Lord Mayor went on to accuse President Mao for undermining the internal democracy of the party when he stopped campaigns in the party, with the aim of crippling both himself (Lukwago) and Hon Ssebuliba Mutumba whom according to the Lord Mayor are a threat to Mao.

He noted that Mao was irritated by the party members from Buganda region who he sees as a threat to his seat, which according to Lukwago has prompted the DP President to stop any activities of any party group.

“Members are supposed to be free to discuss who can best take over the party and steer it to the right direction. I therefore wholeheartedly encourage and support whoever harbours such intensions. For Mao, I
advise him not to act out of fear and panic but make rightful decisions,” Lukwago urged Mao.

Meanwhile Lubaga North Member of Parliament Moses Kasibante in the same meeting warned DP President Norbert Mao against turning into a dictator within the party, by suffocating those longing for leadership

“We have been blaming President Museveni for suffocating others and now we can’t be the same people doing it,” Kasibante warned.

“Some people are now being persuaded by what the NRM did but we should not copy the idea of sole candidature in the opposition.”
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) spokesperson, ask John Kikonyogo has attacked government plans to compel all public schools have a nursery section so as to improve numeracy and literacy skills among primary pupils.

Kikonyogo told journalists at the party headquarters that the proposal by the ministry of education and sports sounded more of a political statement than a reality in strengthening academic levels in public schools.

“The government should instead consider bettering the Universal Primary Education (UPE) than jumping on a new task that it can’t sustain since nursery sections are currently proving to be more expensive to maintain than primary section, ” Kikonyogo noted.

“The poor remuneration of teachers, poor infrastructure and poor facilitation of teachers all account to the poor performance in UPC schools.”

The Ministry of Education reportedly proposed that all public primary schools obtain a nursery section to improve numeracy and literacy skills in primary-going children.

According to the assistant commissioner primary, Dr Tony Lusambu, there are continued reports showing majority of Primary Three pupils failing to grasp literacy and numeracy skills which is due to lack of training that they would have acquired through nursery training.

On the other hand, Kikonyogo accused government of failing to provide enough medical facilities in the health centers around the country.

“We can’t praise government for the construction of health centers which at the same time lack enough staff, equipment and drugs,” Kikonyogo said.

He added that a hospital becomes one and of help if it has got doctors and drugs but otherwise it remains just a building like another.

“Just considering the country’s biggest referral hospital- Mulago, a doctor is supposed to attend to over 100 patients and there are literally no drugs to offer to patients.”

Kikonyogo called on government to ensure that the two services of health and education are re-equipped to ensure that Ugandans live satisfied in their country.




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