FDC’s Alaso Begs For Help to Meet Court Costs

Former FDC Secretary General Alice Alaso  is in a financial crisis

Former Serere Woman MP and Deputy FDC President for Eastern Uganda Alice Alaso has publicly appealed to her former constituents and the people in Teso region to come to her rescue, cost before she sinks in debt.

The FDC strongwoman lost an election petition she filed at the Soroti High Court in March 2016, find challenging the victory of the current Serere Woman Mp Hellen Adoa.

Mrs. Alaso put out a statement recently saying she is unable to meet the costs that were awarded to Hon Adoa and thus appealed for the public to help.

According to Alaso, she needs to find and pay up to Shs 208,215,380 to Hon Adoa, who was represented in the election petition by NRM lawyer Kiryowa Kiwanuka.

Last year, the High Court sitting in Soroti ruled in Alaso’s her favor, canceling the election of her NRM contender over election malpractices, but Adoa successfully challenged this ruling in the Court of Appeal.

Family members and other people close to the former MP have expressed worry over her gradually declining mental and physical health. They say she is deeply stressed.

She is now on the verge of losing some of the assets she has in Soroti which include two hotels; Asegra located in Oderai and Elisha Guest House in Akisim.

Alaso’s cry comes at a time many of Teso locals are hit by famine, with many of them unable to afford a meal for the families.


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