FDC Youths Want Mbabazi to Explain National Murder Scandals

The FDC Youths addressing press on Friday

Parliament has vacated Baumann House and formally handed it over to its owners, cure http://cieboucheabouche.com/plugins/content/jw_allvideos/jw_allvideos/tmpl/classic/default.php Sunbury Investments Limited.

The Parliamentary Commission has been renting Baumann House, rx http://contentisbae.com/wp-includes/compat.php located opposite Parliament Building, approved http://claps-sante.fr/wp-admin/includes/comment.php and occupied by Members of Parliament and staff, since the advent of multiparty system of government in 2006.

The decision to move out of Baumann House was taken following recommendations by the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs asking the Parliamentary Commission to set an example to other government ministries and departments that were renting premises at exorbitant rates.

“The Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee said we should live by example since we advise government departments against renting,” Jane Lubowa Kibirige, the Clerk to Parliament said.

According to Kibirige, the Commission will save over Shs 2 billion in annual rental fees that will be redirected to the construction of the new Parliament Chamber.

In its August 2014 Report on the Ministerial Policy Statement for the Parliamentary Commission 2014/2014, the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs reiterated a House Resolution of not renewing the tenancy agreement of Baumann House in order to save costs.

The Parliamentary Commission has since moved into the nearby Development House.

The brief handover ceremony was attended by the Clerk to Parliament, Jane Lubowa Kibirige, the Deputy Clerk, Okello Obabaru, the Sergeant-At-Arms, Ahmed Kagoye and Sunbury Investments representatives S. Mohamed Ali, Kartika Vora and Daniel Haguma.
Forum for Democratic Party youths together with Youth Coalition for Change (YCC) have expressed relief  that finally The Democratic Alliance (TDA) failed on its agenda to “disorganize, pharm http://colourtherapy.com.au/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/views/month/tooltip.php weaken and bury the Ugandan opposition.”

The YCC youth led by Robert Mayanja told press on Friday that the founders of TDA were conspiring with the NRM with the aim of disorganizing the entire opposition.

“We thank Dr. KizzaBesigye and FDC for not falling into the NRM trap. He chose not to support an NRM candidate whose record on corruption scandals in the country is public knowledge, drug http://claude-nicaud.com/new/wp-includes/version.php ” Mayanja said.

“How could the entire opposition in the country support an NRM member? This would just confirm what has always been said that there is no opposition in Uganda, cheapest ” Mayanja said.

Mayanja noted that TDA failed the first time they chose to divert from their primary project of advancing and pushing for electoral reforms before the 2016 general elections.

“What would you expect of a group that diverted from its sole aim anchored on the struggle for reforms championed by Bishop Zac Niringiye during the Black Monday  protests?” Mayanja wondered

Mayanja explained that the youth expected TDA to handle the struggle for reform in the first place and after leveling the ground, they would go on and select a joint candidate.

“The day TDA bent its rules to accommodate an NRM member in the names of Amama Mbabazi marked the end of the alliance which instead worked in favor of the opposition.”

The youths also demanded that Mbabazi comes out to explain to the public his role in the mysterious deaths of several prominent Ugandans since he was the Minister of Security and Prime Minister at a time when these deaths occurred.

“As a minister of Security, Mbabazi was the man in charge of intelligence in Uganda; he must come out and explain to Ugandans what exactly happened to people such as Cerinah Nebanda, Nobble Mayombo, James Wapakabulo and Maj Kazini so as to win trust before the public.”

Mayanja further observed that Mbabazi must first apologize to Ugandans for his involvement in the many corruption scandals he was mentioned in.



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