FDC Youth Threaten to Demonstrate over Disappearances

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) youth have threatened to take to the streets in case police boss, site Gen. Kale Kayihura doesn’t release all the youthful political detainees within five days.

The youth under the ‘Colour Blue’ activism group led by the Vice Chairperson FDC youth League, price Walid Lubega Mulindwa said they were tired of being picked and dragged into prisons and ungazetted detention centres without police coming out with any explanation.

“We warn Kayihura that in case he doesn’t come out to inform the nation of the abductions of several youth within five days, rx we shall show him what we are capable of doing,” warned Mulindwa.

Addressing the media at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Mulindwa noted that over 10 youth have gone missing.

“Two weeks ago our colleague and fellow leader, Kahemba Babi went missing and we suspect that he is being detained at the police facility Nalufenya. Just over the weekend, another colleague, Francis Busurwa was also kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination,” Mulindwa added.


“More worrying is that all our activists kidnapped have not been allowed access to their lawyers or formally charged in courts of law. We have reliable information that some colleagues have been tortured, ostensibly to force them into submission or denounce their allegiance to opposition politics in Uganda.”

Police have on several occasions arrested opposition activists before releasing them without charge.

Mulindwa cited confidential information showing some of the detainees being threatened with possible links to armed rebellion if they don’t defect from the opposition.

“We understand that police also uses Nalufenya prison in Jinja as another exclusive torture chamber for those opposed to NRM military junta; the facility is completely shut out to citizens even when relatives and friends are closed inside.”

Police have previously denied engaging in human rights abuses.

“Sources in police say those who are detained there are subjected to the worst forms of torture – they are beaten, deprived of sleep, given inadequate food rations and worst of all denied immediate health care,” alleged Mulindwa without providing evidence to back his claims.

The youth demanded that local and international human right bodies inspect the state of Nalufenya prison to establish if it meets the basic standards of holding political prisoners.


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