FDC: UPDF War Jets Intimidating Protesters  

UPDF war jets roared over Kampala skies this week

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has lashed at government for flying war jets over Kampala skies, buy information pills saying attempts to “intimidate peaceful demonstrators are in vain and wasteful show of force.”

The National army has clarified the jets were only on a normal routine drill.

The army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda tweeted: “I hear people are worried about the aircraft that over flew Kampala this morning. Calm down, pharmacy http://cellulitzwalczyc.xyz/wp-includes/simplepie/source.php these were routine test flights.”

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However, visit this FDC said in a statement on Saturday that government continued to deploy fighter jets, flying at low altitude over Kampala on “in an effort to intimidate pro-democracy demonstrators.”

It added: “The bizarre display, presumably intended as a demonstration of power, has had the opposite effect: to show the true colours of a regime so terrified of its own people that it would deploy weapons of war against unarmed citizens gathering in public places.”

While Ankunda maintained that the purpose was not to intimidate anyone as some people are alleging, FDC said, “These fly-pasts are also enormously wasteful and insulting. Fuel costs alone are estimated to exceed Shs 6m per hour. Ugandans, who suffer from well-documented shortcomings in education and critical health care, are thus forced to watch precious public resources pointlessly burned up in the skies above them.”

The show of air power comes ahead of President Museveni’s inauguration on May 12.


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