FDC Rallies Women Behind Stella Nyanzi After Police Summons

Dr Stella Nyanzi

Leading Opposition Party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) are calling on their supporters and all woman from different parts of the country, view to support controversial Makerere University lecturer Dr Stella Nyanzi, who has been summoned at the Police’s CID offices.

The CID Director Joseph Obwona on the weekend summoned Dr Nyanzi to report to the headquarters in Kibuli tomorrow Tuesday at 10am, to answer to allegations that he didn’t specify.

The Police spokesperson in Kampala Elian Kayima however, clarified later that Nyanzi would be questioned on some of the inflammatory posts she has been posting on her widely followed Facebook page, “most of which are about portraying some people in bad light.”

Kayima said some of these posts could boil down to charges like sedition or criminal libel, adding that police for now wanted to “give her an ear.”

However, in subsequent posts, Dr Nyanzi suggested that she is being summoned for her recent post that attacked First Lady Janet Museveni after she told Parliament that government had no funds to meet President Museveni’s campaign promise of providing sanitary pads to school going girls.

“This women’s month,” said Nyanzi. “The interrogators at the Criminal Investigations Department are going to poke and prod me about my critique, musings and rantings (sic) on my social media platforms. If Janet Kataaha Museveni and her ilk think that threatening me with interrogations will cower me into silence, I laugh at the folly of their dark humor.”

Now as the tough speaking lecturer — who once stripped naked in front of media cameras — appears at CID offices tomorrow, the leading opposition party has urged Ugandan women to stand behind her.

The party’s Deputy Secretary General Harold Kaija in a post on Monday, called “all women in civil society, all women in the corporate world and all women from all walks of life to join Stella in solidarity with the unprivileged girls who can’t afford to buy sanitary pads.”

“I also implore all Ladies and those men who are Gentlemen to each come with a packet of pads that should be collected and be given to the girls in rural schools. This should be a Campaign to Save the Girl Child.”

According to Kaija, the opposition party’s Women League is currently working on a project to train its members on how to make cheap reusable sanitary pads that can last for a year.

“We must all remove the pressure from Stella and we all share it with her. She could be our Mother Teresa, She could be our Rosa Park,” added FDC’s Kaija.



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