Election 2016

FDC Radicals Open War on Gen Muntu

The FDC radical wing has commenced what is being perceived as a sustained campaign to discredit and eventually remove the presidency of Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu.

Led by FDC Mobilisation Chief Ingrid Turinawe, approved http://chancellorinsja.com/wp-includes/class.wp-styles.php Samuel Makokha and lately Anne Mugisha, http://clovellysurfclub.com.au/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-components/theme-engine-v1/templates/wpsc-shopping_cart_page.php the radicals accuse Muntu of announcing FDC MP Winnie Kiiza as the leader of Opposition in Parliament.

They argue that allowing FDC take the position of Leader of Opposition defeats the basis of their defiance campaign since the party believes it won the 2016 elections.

The nomination of the LoP means FDC acknowledgement that president Yoweri Museveni won the recently-concluded elections.

Anne Mugisha, who served as the party’s envoy in the Diaspora after the 2001 elections in which Besigye was defeated, has described Muntu as “suspect.”

Using her official Twitter handle, Mugisha noted: “Suspect Mugisha Muntu is rejected as FDC flag bearer because a majority thinks he might take off with it to strange destination. Free my vote.”

She added: “When is the next election for FDC President?”

The party on Thursday appointed Kasese Member of Parliament Winnie Kizza as the Leader of Opposition, Kira Municipality MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda as the Chief whip and Cecilia Ogwal as the Parliamentary Commissioner.

Muntu speaks

Addressing the media, Gen Muntu said the party doesn’t regret its ultimate decision to appoint the Leader of Opposition despite the contradiction.

“We must understand that the current government is politically incorrect but legal and defacto, they are in charge of the army, police, central services and the National budget,” Muntu remarked.

“We must live with this truth that power was captured by the NRM government but work hard to change the situation and doing that we must use the God-given wisdom.”

He added that Parliament is one of the fronts which the party will use to champion the struggle for change, revealing that the most effective front is mobilizing the masses from the grassroots.

But FDC radicals do not buy Muntu’s ideas, a move many believe could split the party.

FDC Deputy Electoral Commission chairman, Michael Kabaziguruka says party members need to support the decision taken by the political institution’s leadership.

“I may not agree with the decision but since it was taken by our Working Committee and FDC MPs, my duty is to defend it,” said the Nakawa MP.

A one Michael Musherure observed that, “Muntu is a voice of reason in FDC. He works for the party not for personal fame.  FDC is lucky to have him.”

But Anne Mugisha fired back: “Then why is he constantly losing the flag but winning applause of opponents. Doesn’t make sense,” said Mugisha.

On Friday Ingrid Turinawe took to the social media, saying Muntu has no authority to concede defeat on behalf of Dr Kizza Besigye even when the retired Major General is the party president.

“Nobody can concede defeat on behalf of any candidate. No body,” Ingrid Charged.

According to Ingrid, FDC only sponsored Besigye’s candidacy and the party cannot determine the election outcome for him.

“FDC sponsored a candidate but it is or was not a candidate! Not even party president Gen. Muntu or any other leader! Not me, not you! Dr. Besigye was the candidate in the presidential race. He speaks for himself. Ugandans voted him. He won elections and was sworn in,” she added.

Ms. Turinawe explicitly stressed that she and other colleagues cannot take any orders from Gen. Muntu and are only waiting to hear from Besigye when he is released from jail.

Bigger picture

On his part, Muntu warned against concentrating on trivialities and losing sight of the bigger picture.

“Our presence in Parliament is tactical and anybody who understands strategy and tactics could only do that; in case the decision we’ve taken is wrong, I will pay,” Muntu cautioned.

He thus encouraged party members to take heart that the party is still in control of the situation, promising that they will continue holding prayers every Tuesday and roll out other campaigns.


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