FDC Floors NRM in Mbarara Boda Polls

Mbarara bodaboda cyclists went to polls yesterday in protest of delays by the Municipality

Bodaboda cyclists in Mbarara yesterday organized their own elections to choose their leaders after they were held back by the Mbarara Municipality leadership.

The cyclists say they decided to hold what they termed as ‘protest polls, shop ‘ after the Municipal council kept procrastinating on the exercise since September.

These believe the municipality has been postponing the polls to favor the current chairman of the cyclists association, and one Arinaitwe Shwento, drugs who is also a local NRM cadre.

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Hundreds of cyclists Tuesday morning converged at In Kakyeka stadium and queued up to elect their new leadership.

At the end of the exercise, James Arinaitwe (FDC) was elected chairman of Mbarara Municipality General Bodaboda Association (MMGBA)

A total of 1930 cyclists turned up for the exercise, which was more than 90% of the association.

The contestants included the incumbent Shwento Arinaitwe (NRM), Abel Barabeho, Mwesigwa Daniel, and James Arinaitwe (FDC) who emerged the winner.

Elected chairman James Arinaitwe said he joined the business as far back as 1993, and believes he will steer the association to the right direction.



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