FDC Divided: Odonga Otto Condemns New Opposition Cabinet

The Aruu county Member of Parliament, viagra order http://csnn.ca/wp-admin/includes/theme.php Samuel Odonga Otto has strongly condemned the newly appointed Shadow Cabinet terming it as a plot by the Forum for Democratic Change’s party President, viagra 40mg Mugisha Muntu to kill the party.

Otto who did not feature anywhere in the new opposition cabinet took to the social media on Wednesday to express his displeasure with the choices made by his party leadership.

On Tuesday evening the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, sale Winnie Kizza released the shadow cabinet list in which majority of the FDC Members of Parliament were given various opportunities.

Some of the notable figures in the new shadow cabinet are Nakawa’s Michael Kabaziguruka now in charge of KCCA, Masaka municipality’s Mathius Mpuga and Medard Ssegona who maintained Presidency and Justice and Constitutional Affairs respectively.

Some of the key opposition members, who missed together with the entire Uganda People’s Congress MPs, are Otto himself, former LoP Nandala Mafabi, Mukono municipality’s Betty Nambooze and Kasilo County’s Elijah Okupa.

Otto stressed that all the appointed members are “soft” Gen. Muntu’s allies and that the “tough” members aligned to the jailed FDC former presidential Dr. Kizza Besigye were left out.

He charged, “The 30 man team named by FDC President Mugisha Muntu that excludes Hon Nathan Nandala-Mafabi, Hon Nabilla Hon Okupa and Hon odonga otto is nothing but direct vengeance on the key Besigye loyalist.”

Otto questioned why Muntu did not attend the Besigye’s mock swearing in and accused him of sending the party to the grave.

“I now believe Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu was sent to destroy FDC and has partially started to succeed. Where was he when Besigye was being sworn in?” he asked.

Otto stated that the new MPs put to replace them are still “shallow” in the system and an insult to the new members.

“To have junior MPs who this week are in the middle of their orientation being shown their offices and toilets in Parliament building suddenly be appointed to lead senior members is insulting.”

The Aruu MP continued that all the figures who participated in the walk to work protest have been ignored and the shadow cabinet should have only been instituted when Besigye is out of jail.

“Of all Mps appointed none participated in walk to walk or activism that is dying with our exclusion and Besigye incarceration in Luzira. To even appoint someone who did not produce even one report while chair of a committee is wanting. “We told them NOT to institute opposition cabinet until Besigye was released no one could heed now Besigye if fighting a lone battle for his life and health.”

The Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza however, defended her choice, in a brief Facebook post; ‘The Opposition in Uganda has championed the struggle for Justice, Good governance; democratic values, rule of law, equal opportunities for all, respect for people and institutions, promotion of transparency and accountability, advocated for socio-economic inclusion and Unity in diversity. This is what we shall continue to take this path for it is one sure way to salvaging our people in this country.”


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