FDC Demands for Release of Detained FDC Youth

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is demanding for unconditional release of four party youth members that are reported missing for now two weeks.

The party Deputy Spokesperson, Paul Mwiru told media on Monday that the party leadership learnt about the disappearance of four of their card-holding members from different sources.

Those missing are; Ibrahim Musisi, Ivan Kabaale, George Wanzige and Robert Mayanja who according to Mwiru are being detained at the infamous Nalufenya police detention center.

“The three went missing two weeks ago; further inquiries and corroboration have led to the conclusion that they have been detained without charge at Nalufenya prison whose mention evokes thoughts of gore, degrading and inhuman treatment,” Mwiru said.

Mwiru says in another development, the party learnt of the abduction of one Robert Mayanja by Field Force Unit officers on the afternoon of Friday 23, June from the party offices at City House building in Kampala.

 “We challenge the senior leadership of Uganda Police Force (UPF) and other line institutions to furnish Ugandans with information about the location, status and physical health of the four detainees. We as well demand for the unconditional release of these young men,” Mwiru demanded.

 “We urge the citizens of Uganda to take this as a matter of grave national importance and bring the pressure to bear on the line institutions of the state that are mandated with keeping law and order.”


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