FDC Cautions on Heavy Deployment as Besigye Returns to Court

FDC spokesperson, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has warned Police and other security agencies against invading the judiciary during the trial of their Presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye.

The party Spokesperson, buy Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda told press that the heavy deployment of the military and police at Court is aimed at intimidating Court from performing its duties without bias.

“Let the military allow Court to perform their duties without intimidation; the presence of the military in court is an indication that judges will be working on gun point, page ” Ssemujju said.

Ssemujju remarked that due to the heavy deployment at Court, buy members of the public are scared off and denied access yet this is a public place that should be left open to everyone to access.

Besigye will be appearing before Nakawa Court on Wednesday June 1st to answer to treason charges.

We demand that at Besigye’s next appearance in Court, police and Military should not take over court premises and the Prison authority must not interfere with the normal court hours as it was the case on his first appearance.

He added, “We shall continue with all efforts to have Besigye released from Prison; we are continuing discussion with lawyers and International community since this case is no longer a Ugandan case,” Ssemujju observed.

Nganda appealed to all members of the public to line up on the roadside from Luzira prison to Nakawa with posters and T-shirts of Dr. Besigye sending a message to those that arrested him that they arrested the whole country.

The party has as well called upon police to avail a report on the arrests and detention of FDC members which has become so rampant recently.

“Police coming out to deny detaining our members isn’t enough, they should issue a report to that effect given the fact that their duty and mandate is to protect people and their property,” Ssemujju said.

Ssemujju told the media that of the late one of their own Hon. Samuel Toliti who got missing last week from Gulu district was found dumped in Kampala in poor conditions.

“Toliti was tortured and denied food for two days, he was then given food which has caused him stomach pain to date,” Ssemujju narrated.

He added that Toliti isn’t the only one that was detained in such a manner revealing that the party National Youth Vice Chairperson, Zeridah Kakai and the party mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe were as well treated in a similar manner.



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