FDC Accuses Kadaga for Surrendering Parliament to Strangers

 Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has accused the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga for “failure to defend, protect and uphold the sanctity of Parliament.”

The accusation follows a scuffle that broke up in Parliament last week in which a number of Pro-age limit legislators were pushed out of Parliament by the Special Forces Command (SFC) after disobeying orders by the Speaker to vacate the house.

A number of MPs were reported to have sustained injuries, sparking wide spread public criticism.

FDC believes the Speaker errored and acted against the Rules of Procedure which she ought to have upheld.

“We condemn in the strongest term possible were the sanctity of Parliament was abused by the people who are supposed to be the custodian of the rules; how could strangers be allowed into the Parliamentary chambers,” said the party Deputy Spokesperson, Paul Mwiru.

 Mwiru said that under normal practice, the Speaker we would have remained in the chambers to defend her members but she rather abdicated her duty and handed over her members to “strangers.”

Mwiru noted that as a result, even members who were not on her list of those who were suspended were man handled out of the chambers who among others include; Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju and Edmond Aliko of Soroti Municipality

“If at all the Speaker found out that Hon. Kibule (Ronald) had a gun, she didn’t tell the country how she expected the members to react, was it to laugh, clap, because the rules don’t allow anyone to enter with a gun in the chambers,” Mwiru said.

He said that having found out that Kibule had entered the chambers with a gun, that should have been enough to exonerate other members who were shouting for their lives because there was no way the security of the members was guaranteed to continue with the debate.

“This type of conduct which was exhibited goes a long way to actually over throw the rules of Parliament and the constitution because members had rose up to do their noble duty of defending the constitution.”

FDC has thus applauded and congratulate the Buganda Kingdom and some religious leaders who have come out to empathize with the opposition in what is taking place in the country.

However, the Speaker has since told the public that whatever she did that day was lawful since members had vowed to disobey her orders.

“Some members of the public are saying that I would have suspended the members within the very sitting but how would I have done so when they were all shouting and wouldn’t listen to me,” Kadaga responded on Thursday during plenary session.


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