FBI Agents Testify in Lugogo Bomb Trial

Some of the terror attack suspects in a previous hearing

In an uncommon Tuesday court session at the Kampala High Court, healing unhealthy 2 Federal Bureau of Investigations [FBI] agents testified against 13 people suspected of having masterminded the twin bomb blasts at Kyadondo and Ethiopian village in Kabalagala in 2010.

The suspects include Hassan Luyima, this Hussein Hassan Agade, viagra 100mg Idris Magondu, Mohamed Hamid Suleiman  and Yahya Suleiman Mbuthia .

The others are Habib Suleiman Njoroge,Isa Ahmed Luyima, Abubaker Batematoy, Dr.Ismail Kalule and Seleman Hijar Nyamandondo

A 45 year old FBI operative only tagged as Witness D for security reasons; who also doubles as an officer in the evidence management unit told court that in 2010 he was a supervisor in the examination and DNA department.

His major role being to review evidence, he said a 17 page report about the twin blasts in Kampala was handed to him.

”We found from the DNA tests carried out on the heads, hands and fingers  that the parts were of  the suspected  suicide bombers at Lugogo and Kabalagala,” the witness told court.

Witness D said that another report they made showed that the mattress and bed cover samples got from a safe house indicated that it belonged to one of the suspects arrested in connection with the case and had been detained at Kireka police station.

The witness told court that later the suspect was identified as Issa Luyima.

Another witness identified as E, who works with the evidence response team in the FBI said that in 2010 he was attached to the explosive unit which is mandated to examine evidence in regard to bombs.

The 50 year old said that he was part of a team that travelled from the US to Uganda to assist in the investigations in the Kampala twin bomb blasts.

”I was the primary examiner tasked to examine the samples as brought by my unit. My team included investigators, evidence response officers, communicators and explosive unit personnel. We visited both scenes of the bomb blasts, ‘he told court presided over by Justice Alphonse Owiny-Dollo.

Witness D told court that they examined 2 suicide vests got from Somalia which they compared with bomb device residues, switches fragments of clothing and other items from the scenes of the twin blasts.

The prosecution witness said that they found that bombs used during both blasts were TNT, ODX HMX and natural glycerin. They also found Nokia phone fragments, and switches.

”We found fragments of a bag which probably had been used for keeping the explosive. Ball bearings which could have been used as explosives were found at both scenes.”

The witness said that the bomb found at the Makindye house was similar to the ones that exploded at Kyadondo and Kabalagala, adding that it never exploded after the phone meant to be used as the switch wasn’t properly connected.

The trial judge adjourned the case to tomorrow Wednesday for further hearing.




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