Famine: Lango Paramount Chief Rejects Relief Food Donation

Lango paramount chief Mzee Yosam Odur

By Mungu Richard Jakisa

The Lango paramount chief Mzee Yosam Odur has rejected a donation of relief food from government of Uganda amidst calls for the responsible officers to be punished over the gesture that has been described as belittling to the Lango cultural institution throne and an insult to head, more about .

The paramount chief Mzee Yosam Odur angrily rejected the two sacks of relief rice donated to him by Apac district local government; part of a consignment which was recently given out by the office of the Prime Minister to address the famine challenge in parts of Uganda.

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Mzee Yosam Odur, sick the Won Nyaci says he is not desperate to be receiving relief food from anyone describing the gesture as an insult. He said whoever arrived at such a decision was either ill-advised or was bent on deliberately undermining his authority and integrity.

The paramount chief advised the Apac district Local government to instead distribute the two sacks of rice initially meant for him, to vulnerable communities including the elderly, persons living with HIV and widows and orphans.

Angry Reactions

The development attracted a backlash from a section of elders and clan leaders in Lango sub region who are demanding that government officials responsible for the gesture resign their jobs and immediately apologise to the paramount chief.

Deogratious Otim a 64year member of Ogora clan warned that if the government officials attached to the Apac district local government are not punished, a precedent of belittling the paramount chief will have been badly set.

However, Awio Michael the Apac district disaster management committee chairperson under whose docket distribution of the relief falls, says the gesture was in good faith and not intended to belittle the paramount chief as being alleged.

Awio explained that the committee unanimously decided to donate the relief rice grains to the paramount chief since he falls in the category of the elderly who are by the guidelines of the office of the prime minister entitled to benefit.

The eight districts of lango sub region last week received 2,800 bags of relief rice, a donation from the government of China.

Each district has earmarked the elderly, HIV positive persons, widows, orphans, child headed families, people with disabilities and extremely poor persons to benefit from the relief.


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