Eyewitness Narrates Guvnor Murder Events

Sam Ssali, sildenafil a 38 year old car dealer in Makindye, find was the fourth prosecution witness in the case where Ivan Kamyuka is accused of murdering his colleague Johnny Ahimbisibwe in a night club brawl.

Yesterday, Mr Ssali narrated before the Kampala High Court the events that led to the murder of the youthful Ahimbisibwe on the night of August 2, 2015.

He recalled that he was at Club Guvnor in section known as 40 Plus, having fun and all of a sudden Jonny Ahimbisibwe fell on his back.

“I fell on the ground, and while I got up to pick my phones, I saw Johnny, who was staggering trying to hit back at Kamyuka who stood firm and seemingly ready for a fight. I tried and rescued Johnny and took him to the counter, where I realized that my clothes were covered in his blood,” he said.

In the scuffle, he adds, most people run out of the bar and there remained only Kamyuka (the accused), one lady and another person identified only as Patrick.

Some of the late Johnny's relatives in court

Some of the late Johnny’s relatives in court

At this point, the witness says, Kamyuka and the lady entered the toilets, and on noticing this, he leaned against the toilet’s door to prevent them from escaping.

“Inside the toilet, I could feel the two pushing hard to get out. In the meantime I made an alarm which attracted the Club bouncers, who came in and arrested the accused and the lady.”

During cross examination, however, the witness said he never saw anybody physically beating the deceased.

The late Jonny’s younger sister Charity Kyomuhendo in her testimony told the court that there was a misunderstanding between her brother and the suspect, which stemmed from the change of names of Jonny’s child who he fathered in Nina Nyarwaha. At the time, the latter was with Kamyuka.

“Patrick, one of the eyewitnesses told me that the fight started when Johnny was informed that child has been renamed Ivan Ahimbisbwe”

Dr Male Mutumba, the pathologist who examined the deceased’s body said Jonny’s death resulted from excessive bleeding from a wound on his neck.

The senior Principle state Attorney Jane Okuo Kajuga asked for a short adjournment to enable them summon more witnesses.

Justice Wilson Kwesiga adjourned the hearing of the matter to 12th June.

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