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EXCLUSIVE: UPDF Brig. Leopold Kyanda Sacked

Brigadier Leopold Kyanda

On December 19, buy 2016, this UPDF Chief of Staff Land Forces, Brigadier Leopold Kyanda arrived at the General Military Headquarters in Bombo.

He was accompanying the Chief of Defence Forces Gen Katumba Wamala who was the chief guest at the UPDF Children’s Christmas party.

He looked calm and relaxed as he checked messages on his smart phone.

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In his brief speech, Kyanda said the kids are the foundation of the army.

“It’s their day to enjoy,” he added, before politely inviting the Gen Katumba to give his speech.

Brig. Kyanda, who was calm throughout the function, was later invited to dance for the kids before later joining the CDF in sharing a cake with the soldiers’ children

Little did it occur to Kyanda that this would be his last moment as Chief of Staff in the UPDF.

Today December 20, 2016, a radio call announced the firing of the once powerful Brigadier General.

Asked to confirm Kyanda’s sacking, army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda told ChimpReports on Tuesday: “That’s true.”

Pressed to comment on the matter, Lt Col Ankunda added: “It’s a great opportunity for Kyanda to improve on his skills.”

Brig Geoffrey Katsigazi has been appointed as a caretaker of the sensitive position as Museveni searches for a substantive Chief of Staff Land Forces.


The sacking heralds the possible downfall of a once reputed and extremely powerful figure in the Ugandan military hierarchy.

Having successful commanded the elite Presidential Guard at a time when the president’s life faced threats from Sudan, DRC and other foreign enemies; Kyanda was elevated to lead the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence.

His reign came to a crushing end following accusations of providing sanctuary to cocaine drug dealers.

He was sent to United States as a military attaché.

Kyanda, who was a Colonel, used this opportunity to do some soul searching and accepted Jesus Christ as his savior.

Kyanda would later convince the First family that he had reformed and was ready to serve with honour and dignity.

The President appointed him Chief of personnel Administration in UPDF before elevating him to Chief of Staff Land Forces, a position that would have led him to Chief of Defence Forces.


However, hell broke loose when ChimpReports ran a blockbuster investigation report, showing how conmen led by Sam Ssimbwa robbed Polish arms contractors from the Military Headquarters in Bombo.

The conmen sitting in the boardroom of the army headquarters lied to the contractors they needed arms worth millions of dollars.

Kyanda at the UPDF Children Christmas party at military headquarters in Bombo on December 19 (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Kyanda at the UPDF Children Christmas party at military headquarters in Bombo on December 19 (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

The polish contractors were told to send money for paperwork which the conmen ate and switched off their phones.

The main suspect Simbwa was briefly arrested before being released by Police’s Special Investigations Unit Commander, Mark Odong due to alleged pressure from Kyanda.

“When Simbwa was arrested by SIU, Kyanda ordered Odong to release him,” said a knowledgeable source.

However, Lt Kyanda denied the charge, saying he has “never contacted Simbwa and does not know him.”

Kyanda further said he knows nothing about that deal and has never contacted Odong to release Simbwa.

The UPDF tried to deny the investigation into Kyanda’s alleged connection to the botched arms deal only to retract their statement following pressure from this investigative website.

A private probe launched by Museveni exposed Kyanda.

The recent High Command sitting at State House Entebbe saw Museveni vowing to crack down on “criminality in UPDF.”

Referring to the arms deal, Museveni said such “impunity would not be tolerated.” It was a matter of time for Museveni to crack the whip.

It remains unclear if Kyanda will be prosecuted or simply sacked.

Additional reporting by Giles Muhame


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