EXCLUSIVE: Refusing to Retire Me from UPDF Won’t Deter Me – Gen. Sejusa

The NRM Electoral Commission boss Dr Tanga Odoi has announced an extension of the party elections for LC1 and special interest groups.

The polls which were expected to kick off today Friday have been pushed to Monday, unhealthy Sept. 7.

Addressing journalists today, Odoi cited “unavoidable circumstances” for the postponement.

“We haven’t been able to hold the LC1 and Special Interest Groups elections today September 4 because of unavoidable circumstances including funds and rains that disrupted the whole exercise,” Dr Tanga told journalists.

“We got the funds late and my staff had lost morale hence the delay.”

He said all the mess had been sorted and the elections would kickoff on Monday.

“On Monday 7 we shall hold elections in Karamoja, Northern, Eastern and Western Uganda regions,” he said.

Dr Tanga added that Central Uganda and Kampala regions will hold their LC1 and Special Interest Groups elections on Sept. 9.

“All materials necessary for the exercise are this time ready. We shall be ready with lists of all flag-bearer candidates by September 10,” he added.

Dr Tanga warned that all party elections will be through a secret ballot and not lining up.

He added that they have trained presiding officers to oversee the smooth running of the exercise for the 60,000 villages in the country, parishes, sub counties and districts.

“We have contacted police to provide security during the exercise.”

Dr Tanga Odoi was however quick to rubbish reports of a growing row between himself and the party Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba, describing the situation as a “mere difference in opinion” and not conflict between the two officials.
The former coordinator of intelligence services in Uganda, view Gen. David Sejusa has told ChimpReports that the fact that he is still a serving army officer will not deter him from championing the struggle for freedom in the country.

“Retirement for me is not a big issue. But the fight for freedom to prevail in the country is; Ugandans must understand that someone’s occupational status is secondary to the primary status of being a citizen and carrying out the roles of a citizen, ” Sejusa told Chimp Reports in an exclusive interview.

“In 1980, I was still an acting army officer but fought for freedom, you cannot wait for your oppressor to retire you to serve your country. And that’s my strength – to always demand for justice.”

“Museveni should stop using UPDF as a political managing tool whereby you only retire those who support you and detain those against you; this is conflicting to professionalization of the army.”

“I am moving on despite not being retired, I am moving on because this call is a noble one; it is a call to fight for freedom,” he told ChimpReports’ Nixon Segawa.

Asked why he has always maintained that he was retired by president Museveni, Sejusa answered that he thought that once a president gives a word, it should be taken into account.

“Yes, that’s what president Museveni told me and he went ahead to order Katumba (CDF Katumba Wamala) to process my retirement but I know they are sitting on it.”

“I don’t intend to be bogged down by this; this can’t stop the onward march of history in this country.”


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