South Sudan

EXCLUSIVE: President Kiir Held by War as Medical Condition Worsens

President Salva Kiir

The South Sudan President Salva Kiir was advised by doctors to fly to South Africa for a specialized and comprehensive medical treatment the very week war broke out in his country.

ChimpReports understands Kiir is battling a liver complication that was supposed to be handled in a medical facility in Johannesburg at the beginning of the second week of July only to be canceled by the outbreak of the recent fighting.

According to sources in the SPLA-In-Government, order early this month doctors in Juba who examined the president found that his liver had been affected.

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Unconfirmed reports indicate that Kiir could be suffering from Alcohol-related liver disease, cialis 40mg known otherwise in medical terms as ARLD.

The president just like majority generals in the national army SPLA, is known for drinking especially whiskies.

“We had expected him to depart for South Africa on Saturday (8th July) but unfortunately everything changed on Friday,” a source in SPLA said.

The presidential palace was rocked by gunfire on Friday, 7th July 2016 when both Kiir and his deputy in the unity government, Dr. Riek Machar were holding talks therein.

The gun battle between the bodyguards of the two principles claimed 300 lives in within two hours at the J1 compound as Kiir and Machar.

The source expressed worry that the President has not found time to see his doctors because of the insecurity.

The security environment in Juba remains volatile and ideally no one in power would dare leave the country before getting on top of the situation.

The fragility in the capital is even worsened by the precarious disappearance of equally armed Kiir’s rival Dr. Machar who fled his home on the 9th of July.

Machar’s group is reportedly organizing troops aiming at Juba for a full blown battle with Kiir’s forces.


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