EXCLUSIVE: Oulanyah Responds to Wife’s Child Neglect Accusations

Jacob Oulanyah is being accused by his divorced wife of Child neglect

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob has spoken to Chimpreports about the accusations that he is not looking after his two daughters, help who are staying with their mother in the United States.

Oulanyah separated with his wife Lady Winnie Amoo Okot last year, view and are currently pursuing a court case in Kampala to formalize their divorce.

Mrs Okot who claims to be overstrained by the needs of the girls, information pills this week issued a press statement attacking his ex husband for refusing to look after his own children.

In the case before the Kampala High Court, the Deputy Speaker who is also the Omoro County Member of Parliament wants his former wife to agree to a monthly $300 support from him to look after the girls, which Amoo is contesting.

She said in the press statement, “The only bone of contention is that Oulanyah wants to pay only $300 (three hundred US Dollars) per month to support his two daughters living with me in The US. To him, this should cover rent, food, clothing, medical care, childcare, pre-school and any emergencies that might befall them (God forbid). Oulanyah claims he only earns sh16,000,000 (Sixteen Million shillings) a month.”

Amoo added that she has already agreed to the rest of Oulanyah’s conditions which include; no sharing of property and no payment of the alimony (spousal support) to her.

When contacted on Sunday evening, Speaker Oulanyah did not deny these accusations but blamed his estranged wife for putting herself and the daughters in their current situation.

He said he didn’t agree to her decision to start living in the United States whose cost of living is high.

“She took the children to the US without even informing me,” Oulanyah told us in a text response.

“When they were in Uganda I was sending money weekly (Shs 1,000,000/-). She saved the money and bought herself a ticket to the US stealthily.”

Oulanyah vowed not to add any support on what he is already giving out to her and that he has instructed his lawyers to ensure that the status quo is maintained.

“She can continue the way she wants. I am waiting for the order of court. I hope it will come on the 17th my lawyers are trying to fix that for that date.”

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