EXCLUSIVE: Mumbere Ran Secret ‘Court Martial’ at His Palace

Embattled Rwenzururu King Wesley Mumbere faces fresh charges of treason, more about murder, attempted murder, arson and malicious damage, Chimp Corps can exclusively report.

The CIID Chief Grace Akullo has since camped in Kasese District to reinforce experienced detectives investigating the recent Rwenzori attacks in which scores have died.

Counter insurgency military intelligence operatives are also deployed in the area to keep an eye on the suspected militants hiding in the Rwenzori Mountains.

Investigators have reportedly obtained what officials say could see Mumbere charged with six capital offences that attract the maximum death penalty.

Mumbere was this week charged with the murder of Geoffrey Kasimba, a police officer attached to Kidodo Police Station in Kasese District.

Highly placed police sources said that was a “holding charge” that would give investigators enough time to “prepare enough evidence on a range of cases.”

The UPDF 305 Brigade Commander, Lt Col Richard Kiwanuka told ChimpReports that Mumbere’s government refused to cooperate with police and other security organs while investigating the murder of two soldiers outside his palace.

Lance Corporal Joseph Bareke and Private Edmond Tumwesigye attached to 25 Infantry Battalion were reportedly hacked by the Royal Guards as they patrolled the roads around the palace on April 3.

“We asked Mumbere to surrender his men suspected of killing the cops for police interrogation but he refused,” recalled Lt Col Kiwanuka.

He said efforts at a higher level to persuade Mumbere to cooperate with police also fell on deaf ears.

Lt Col Kiwanuka further revealed that Mumbere on June 18, 2016 ordered for the ‘prosecution’ of three suspected government spies at his ‘court martial’ in the Palace.

Johnson Muhindo, Godfrey Baluku and Ruth Bamulange were reportedly sentenced to death.

“We were informed that the palace’s court martial decided that the accused be killed,” said Lt Col Kiwanuka, a commander with considerable experience in counter insurgency operations.

The dismembered bodies of the suspected spies were packed in two sacks and dumped in Kasese Town.

Kasese Mayor Godfrey Kabbyanga, who was thrice jailed for his agitation for the recognition of Obusinga, confirmed that indeed three bodies were found in his town.

Kasese Mayor Godfrey Kabbyanga

Kasese Mayor Godfrey Kabbyanga

“One of the sacks was dumped near the late Gen James Kazini’s hotel,” recalled Kabbyanga, a former close friend and confidant of the jailed King.

Police brought sniffer dogs which led detectives to the main gate of Rwenzururu palace.

The detectives were blocked from accessing the tightly-guarded palace.

Kabbyanga said Mumbere’s guards continued to execute a reign of terror in the Kasese and Kabarole which had to be stopped.

“We met the King several times with his brother Christopher Kibazanga, Col Mawa and Dr Crispus Kiyonga but he never listened,” he added.

“We told the King that this situation was unacceptable.”

Asked why Mumbere refused to listen to their concerns, Kabbyanga observed: “He believes in witchcraft. He thought no one would touch him. He allowed Congolese witchdoctors to confuse him. He thought he was bigger than the president.”

We understand Mumbere will be asked to explain the recruitment of 30 militants at every sub-county who openly agitated for an independent state from Uganda known as Yiira Republic.

The King also faces charges of arson following the bombing of a police truck last week in Kasese by Rwenzururu militants using improvised explosive devices.

The attacks on several police stations will attract charges of murder and malicious damage.

Speaking to ChimpReports at the Rwenzururu Palace, the Prime Minister Thembo Kitsumbire urged fighters still in hiding to return.

“We are now working closely with authorities to have peace in our area. We want a permanent end to the fighting,” he observed.


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