Election 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Mobile Facebook, Twitter Switched Off Over ‘Security Concerns’

Facebook (picture) and Twitter remains slow in Uganda

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II this morning at around 8:30 surprised the people of Kireka a Kampala suburb, hospital http://degrisogono.com/safe/plugins/ml-slider-pro/ml-slider-pro.php showing up at their polling stations to thank them for actively participating in the voting exercise.

The Kabaka arrived at the Kireka A Polling station on Thursday morning from his Palace in Banda amidst excitement and ululations from the voters in the area.

At the polling station, order he found that polling materials had delayed for more than one and a half hours, and voters patiently waited in the long lines.

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Speaking briefly to the locals, the Kabaka asked them to embrace the voting exercise and convince others to do the same, noting that this was one of their most important roles as citizens.

By Publication time, The King was expected speak to the press as he proceeded to the other polling stations in the township.
Majority of Ugandans cannot access Facebook and Twitter on their mobile gadgets after being disconnected by telecommunication companies on orders of high ranking security officials, sickness http://demcsb.com/wp-includes/post-formats.php Chimp Corps report.

Sources told this website that the order was effected Wednesday night as the country braced for a highly competitive election exercise.

“This is a security measure to protect the country after it became clear that some individuals were using social media to incite violence, order http://deborahmillercounselor.com/wp-includes/plugin.php ” said a well placed security official on Thursday morning.

The election exercise is underway with voters selecting their preferred candidates for the positions of President, http://clearintotheclassroom.com/wp-includes/id3/module.audio-video.riff.php MP and Woman MP.

The source who sought anonymity so as to speak freely said blocking social media platforms on mobile gadgets was a “pre-emptive move to avoid possible bloodshed.”

Asked why Mobile Money networks were off, the source also pointed out that “politicians were using it to bribe voters on the eve of the election.”

Pressed to explain when the networks would be restored, this official responded: “We will first assess the situation. If stability is maintained, then the social media platforms and mobile money network will be back on by Saturday.”

Several Ugandans are using VPN software on their mobile gadgets to get around the social media restrictions.

The slowing down of networks has angered many with activists saying the move borders on censuring freedom of expression.


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